Vertu Constellation Smile: Luxury Smartphone for Younger Generation

Vertu has a new range of products we present here has a very limited market. Even arguably almost all series of premium mobile phone from the company that formerly owned by Nokia is intended for your tycoons who want to be different. Well, now appears too young generation who want the luxury of being embarrassed at school. Vertu seems to “understand” it is by working with Smile Train and created a special series of Vertu Constellation child through Smile.

If judging, limited edition smartphone is a manifestation of the Nokia C7 birthday. 3.5-inch AMOLED touch screen covered with sapphire crystal glass, making it strong and scratch resistant. Full connectivity from Bluetooth, 3G to WiFi, your child can use to exchange content they like, or looking for material assignment in cyberspace. While for the purposes of the photographs – they are also popular – 8MP camera seems to have more than enough to simply upload to Facebook or printed. Available dual LED flash to help them make good photos in dimly lit. To contain it, there is a space of about 32GB which can be maximized to store photos and video.

While on the OS, the Nokia C7 using Symbian ^ 3 OS, which can be upgraded to Symbian Belle. But there was no information on whether Constellation Smile Belle has adopted or is Symbian ^ 3.

Train the art of children, especially from the world of music, Vertu give special ring tones are played by the London Symphony Orchestra! It’s certainly much more “classy” and “inappropriate” to use the kids as a ringtone rather than love songs. In addition, the design has a thickness of 12.2mm and weighs less than 200 grams, of course, will not make your child weighed when taken together with textbooks and stationery.

Every purchase Constellation Smile, your child will receive free dental care from Smile Train – keep them still look adorable smile. A wide selection of colors has also been prepared, among others, Coral Red, Coral Blue, Pebble Grey and Purple Anemone.