Treat Your Skin With Organic Skin Care Products

Teenage years can be a stressful and difficult time. Youre beginning to turn into a young adult, trying to juggle school, hobbies, friends and the opposite sex successful and a top of this youre skin is suffering from terrible blemishes and acne Over the years we have seen hundreds of creams, oils, facial scrubs, wipes and lotions all suggesting they can cure our blemish problems, with each product offering a different kind of treatment depending on our daily routine and needs. But lets face it if youve got acne or blemish prone skin you want to get rid of it and you want it gone as quickly and easily as possible. Finally, weve got the answers!

Acne and blemishes affect some people worse than others, of course as a teen if youre affected worse than your friends and peers you want to know…why me?

Many people say that acne is just an unfortunate skin condition and there is no reason why some teens suffer from it and others dont Although this may be partly true, there are also reasons why your skin may be worse than other suffers and believe it or not your lifestyle might actually be affecting your skin!

If you dont regularly change your pillowcase or towel they could be covered in harmful bacteria, which can get into the pores of your skin and irritate them Eating or drinking too much sugar or junk food, ok we all need a treat once in a while but if your diet consists of these items on a day to day basis then un-healthy toxins could be getting to your pores and affecting your skin. Touching or leaning on your face too much, again this is a difficult one, on a tiring day at school or work it can be very tempting to lean your head on your hand, but touching your face can spread any bacteria you may have picked up into your pores Keeping both your hair and face completely clean each day will also help reduce the blemishes, as well as taking any make-up off as soon as possible.

Acne is a condition of the skin that shows up several different types of spots such as, black heads, white heads, pimples and cysts. Therefore, there are technically loads of products out there suggesting they could solve these problems. However, try not to be tempted to use all of them, with skin problems you should always go for the less is more approach, so stick to one product and wash regularly with warm water Also, do not be tempted to try and pop and spots, this can push infections back into the skin and anger your pores, resulting in even more redness! Remember also, acne is only temporary and picking your spots may result in scaring.

Unfortunately acne isnt always restricted to your face, anywhere on your body has the potential to suffer from blocked pores and break out with spots and blemishes Many suffers can get acne on their back, which can be problematic particularly in the summer when youre more exposed to the sun, as tanning has been known to worsen acne, rather than mask it like most people think.

It can be confusing, especially with the thousands of skin care products on the market all claiming they can do the same thing So why not revitalise and detox your body, enriching your skin by choosing a product devised by experts who have been there and know exactly what youre going through, rather than using products filled with chemicals that have the potential to worsen your problem, choose an organic and natural source

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