Tips Decorate Home with Flowers series for Christmas Greet

Christmas is starting to feel the euphoria everywhere. Shopping vying to display their creations christmas ornaments, as well as houses already decorated with beautiful Christmas ornaments. However, one thing that may rarely created before Christmas, wreaths.

For those of you who celebrate it, must have started preparing the room decor to welcome special day Franz, porcelain company from Taiwan in collaboration with Mr. Andy Djati Utomo draft flower arrangements for home decor inspiration on Christmas Day.

He designed four different Christmas themed flower arrangements using the vase Franz with a collection of colors that accentuate the cheerful but still elegant. Various of flowers layout nicely until he becomes unity wreaths suitable fatherly be decorated complement various room in your home.

“The flowers used to be fresh, so easy to set up or ridden on the circuit,” said the Barcelona World Runner Up the Flower Cup 2012.

Themed flower arrangements FLEUR de FRANZ using red tulip, sensual, baby rose red, ilex, and kochia (leaf length gray and shaped like coral growing on the summit). He also uses the typical Christmas decorations like Christmas balls and distinctive plants like flowers christmas pine, and also wilex (shaped like a series of small chery).

Interested to string own home? Master florists famous in Asia and the world is sharing tips for those of you who are beginners in terms of flower arranging. “Try to keep interest in your pot no more than 4 types, that is not too crowded,” said Mr. Andi. Can also use Christmas decorations such as Christmas balls, tiny miniature Christmas trees, bells or Christmas.

Created bouquet adjust the position of the room. If placed in the corner of the room, The set of ornamental flowers from one side only. The set rate while if viewed from all sides, keep the flowers can be seen from all sides.

So is the dining room or living room, adjust the style of the room with the flowers you choose. To use pot, can be adjusted to the wearer’s taste, but make sure the color of the pot is still in keeping with the Christmas theme such as red, white or gold.