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Almost everyone has a hobby of singing though that ‘could’ sing only a small part. With singing we can spill all the emotion in his tone. Can not it be like if we just listen to the music just as we desire to sing. He wanted to take part in the beat of the music and get to work.

However, it still belongs to the most narcissistic people. To shed singing sensation and reach that we can not at will. See first place, can not be in the classroom, in the market or in the boardroom we suddenly singing expresive possible. Well you know? Suspected mental illness later. The only way to find a safe. So it was a lot of the term ‘bathroom singer’. The singer, who is not a singer but always wanted to sing just to shed emotion in the tone.

Did you know? Singing in the shower turns profitable too. By singing to keep the muscles in the larynx and steam lubricate at the ballot box. At least be a good exercise for your voice.

Singing in the shower can lead to negative things. If you took a shower and singing, the people who are outside the bathroom or around it will probably think you’re doing inside. And thought it was a very wild plus you suddenly stopped singing and the sound of the water spray will be more perish who heard from outside.

So is the duration of your shower will be more lengthy. Try to imagine how you might be able to brush your teeth quickly if you want to sing on? And it is not good for your health if you linger hit the water. Plus it would be a waste of water as a bath 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes. Loss …

But if it is like what can I say? And it’s become a habit too. That’s the reality of human habits that it has become the majority.

Facts about the habits of singing in the shower:
Apparently habit / hobby of singing men have begun centuries ago. Ibn Khaldun, writer and philosopher, once wrote in his book Mukaddimah Chapter 1 reads “Similarly, when they were taking a bath with warm water and feel the warm air through the lungs and skin, bring a sense of calm and happy. That’s when they started singing, as the song suggests pleasure. ”

Scientific evidence to say that the majority of bathroom singers are amateurs, not professionals.

Bathroom Singer is a reality show on Sahara TV station, India.
Technically, singing in the shower produces sound quality that is typical of the reflected wave vertical fusion between dinding2 plus echoes the singer assured that his voice can be taken into account.
Finn Hudson, one of the main characters in the musical series “Glee” was first hired as the team caught singing the song “Can not Fight This Feeling” in a locker room shower.
Weird Al – Yankovic, American singer recorded his first single “My Bologna” from the bathroom in 1979. Then broadcast on radio.
100% sure if this hobby forever. Since the singing we can pour all your emotions into the tone. So, about may or may not sing while bathing, it’s how you adapt to the environment and lifestyle.