The Pyraplex Offer Game Interaction Points

For you lovers of mobile games Kairosoft would already know. Japanese game developer this is the best in creating themed simulation game. And not long ago, Kairosoft has launched new simulation game that is quite different from most, the game is called The Pryaplex.

In this game, you do not immediately have a new store just like that. You have to build it. In the next pyramid, there is a very large boulder. Command one of your staff to dig a chunk of it to make the stones that can be used to build the store.

Next you need to instruct other staff to pick up the stone and put it in the place you want to make the new store. After fulfilling the required number of stones, the store development process will begin. And when the store is up, you will see the visitors coming and will add your money.

What makes this game interesting is not only the city you can trade on your own, but you can trade with neighboring towns. By selecting the trade menu, you can send your products to another city and then exchanged for money. Even if the population of the city is like your product, they will directly go to the shopping center you have.

There are also assessments of the Pyramid Association will review your mall each year. Association is the judge whether or not your shopping. Assessment provided cover from the number of stores, number of visitors per year, until a match or not the pyramid form of the mall.

The Association also provides a target that you must meet to boost the ranking of the mall. If you continue to meet the target, you’ll have a five star shopping center and being the best.

Graph of the latest simulation game from Kairosoft is still carrying the 16 bit pixelated graphics that became one characteristic of this developer. Music in this game was a classic tone, but the theme music typical Egyptian desert are very suitable to be applied in this game.

Overall The Pryaplex is unique because it takes place is not located in the modern era, but the ancient Egyptian civilization, making this game very interesting for you to play. If you are interested in playing The Pryaplex, can directly download it in the Android Store for $ 4.46. Happy playing!