The False Myths Regarding Pregnancy Nutrition

In pregnancy, the hormone pregnant women will experience an increase, like the maximum speed jets. The increase in this hormone, no pregnant women rarely make confusion in determining the proper nutrition and nutrition for the baby. In fact, no doubt, that they are often consumed with some nutritional myths that circulate in the community.

So, how do I compare the myth is right or wrong about pregnancy nutrition? Consider the following speech, as summarized from many sources.

“Pregnant women should eat two more servings”
In fact, to stay healthy and able to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus, your body only needs an extra 300 calories each day. Alternatively, additional meals as much as a quarter of your meal under normal circumstances.

“Eating pineapple during pregnancy can cause miscarriage”
In fact, in there is pineapple enzyme bromelain, which allegedly upset your stomach and soften connective tissue, which is present in the uterus. These enzymes are thought to cause miscarriage. However, excessive consumption of pineapple which is not actually a problem for content

“Spicy food can cause premature birth ‘
In fact, the digestive tract and birth canal remedy of course is different. Too much spicy food will make your stomach churn terrace. However, not heartburn that appears ahead of delivery. Heartburn spiciness simply because they will push for a bowel movement. This myth is similar to the myth that suggests drinking coconut oil to speed up delivery.

“Pregnant women are forbidden to drink coffee”
In fact, pregnant women are allowed to drink coffee, as long as the portion of time and certain pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women should not consume more than 0.8 cups of coffee per day. Do not forget, balance also with healthy food per day.

“Pregnant women are obliged to drink a special milk pregnancy”
In fact, in order to obtain a balanced source of nutrients, pregnant women should not drink milk. Balanced nutrition can be obtained through natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, yogurt, cheese, eggs, oats, and many others

Hopefully the exposure can answer all your confusion!