Teenage Parenting – How To Connect With Your Teen?

Parenting adolescents is an uphill task. But with interaction, teenage parenting can be made easier for you and your child. One of the toughest things in parenting young people is communicating in the right way, and here are some ways that teenage parenting can be made a little less stressful:

Sympathy & Assurance – an advantageous path to teenage parenting
Your youngster may have difficulty identifying what they are experiencing. You probably know when she’s a bit upset, tired or irritated. You can help your teen to express. By asking questions like, “Are you a bit troubled?” you can not only help to recognize the type and the scope of their concerns, but also help them to find suitable answers. Reassure your adolescent that your love and support does not depend on winning in a sport or getting higher grades in exams. If your teenager does not win a sport support them to see the big picture- everyone has some setbacks in life. Reassure them you’re behind them 100 per cent, and help them to reassess all the alternatives.

Communicate & Treat your Teenager like Adults
Teenage parenting requires effective communication skills. There are things you can do to make interaction simpler. Take your hint from your adolescent-there’s no use trying to talk when they are seeing television or playing their favourite game. Try to spend time alone with your teen and take time out for the same. Communicate your feelings only as long as they show interest. Use open questions that don’t just need a yes or no answer. Do not nag or tell off and never discard their views. Treat your teen with esteem, much as you would another individual.

Teenage parenting is all about negotiating a result rather than pushing them to accept your demands, so don’t say, “I want you to eat food properly,” but “I’m getting really upset with the way you are eating. How can we have you eat properly and have good table manners?” Use all the ideas you can to interact – for example, going out for walk/shopping together leads to great heart to heart talk. Show you’re really interested when your teen tells you things and stop what you’re doing to listen. Don’t react abruptly or get angry if you don’t like what you are listening.

Teenage parenting is loaded with dealing with difficult issues like, such as lack of attention at school, unnecessary distractions, lack of concentration etc. Hence you need to keep an eye on your teenager – which requires you to find time. Use statements with “I” like “I do not like the state of your room – can you get it cleaned?” rather than “You are such a dirty boy – look at your room, clean it now.” Explain your worries calmly and listen carefully to his side of the story. It is fine to be clear and have firm views about what you expect from them.

Teenage parenting is first about the parent and then about your teenager. Are you ready to let your teenager make their own decisions, to fall and learn from their experience and to support them when they need? Are you able to let go and have trust in them?

In teenage parenting you talk about options – give your teenager enough information to help them decide. Be like their sounding board and support them when they feel confused. Give them permission to choose their path without being judgemental. If the outcome was not what was expected, discuss with your teenager as to what they could do differently in the future to improve the results. Don’t make subjective comments on their decisions but support them to make better decisions in the future.

All parents go through the same challenges when dealing with their teenagers – our parents also did. All you need to do is accept this and approach the situations with calmness and maturity. Then only can you make your teenage parenting experience a happy one.