Step Right Invite Disciplined Child

Daily routine can be used as an initial step child to practice discipline. Because it is generally very difficult to encourage children to discipline toddlers, because they have properties that tend to be impulsive and just followed his heart.

Managing yourself is one of the core disciplines. You can begin to recognize and implement routine time when children have breakfast, go to school, learn, play, sleep, and so on. If the child used to schedule his daily routine, he means discipline in a matter of time. On the other hand, you can apply rules that can not be compromised or violated, because it involves the health, life safety, and the values ‚Äč‚Äčespoused in the family. Example: he should not be out of the house without any accompanying adult, let alone cross the street alone.

Every child needs freedom. You also need to be flexible about the rules that you apply. Such as issues of convenience, taste, or other subjective matters. When children behave well with the rules and run the day-to-day routine schedule well, appreciate his actions. Give praise can make a child keep the spirit of doing good.

One time, when a child throwing a tantrum, you might loose control in the face. Expression of anger that you show are not effective for long period of time, it can also hurt the self-esteem of children. So that he can also imitate your behavior. When angry, calm yourself by going briefly into another room or take a few breaths long. Once you are more calm, express your anger with proportional.

Say the words that understand child. Mistakes are often made by the parents is not clearly express wishes and detail to the children, so the children often become confused as to which behavior you are complaining about. After explaining what the child needs to be repaired, give alternatives to solve it. Thus, you can push it that you expect to act in accordance.

Your words and actions as well as those in surrounding a concrete example of discipline for children. Therefore correct these errors before you, so that children can follow the good example of you. Avoid children, give them options so that he feels he has no control over himself. By giving him a choice, he can do what he likes without feeling pressured.

In addition to all of the examples above, be consistent. Your consistent attitude is very important for children. Your attitude can affect it is how to grow as a person. You certainly do not want him to grow as a person is in doubt, or do not care about about is not it? In addition, if no consistency, children can not appreciate you.