SONY Xperia miro

Xperia miro whose presence along with the Xperia tipo, is one of a series being targeted by Sony for the youth market or the middle class. With a small enough form, this smartphone also offers colorful, which certainly favored by young people in the bottom side.

Having regard to the design miro the placement of the various buttons, ports, jacks and camera and lighting lightning, I go into the menu miro who was armed with Android 4.0.4 it. Experiments scroll the screen up-down-left-right are also able to respond properly.

Intrigued with 5MP camera brings, I was directly accessing the user’s most favorite menu. Can you see that in order to enlarge the images digitally, simply press the volume up / down only. Of course this is easier than using the virtual keypad. In addition I also tried 30fps video camera complete with lightning lamp performance, as well as the front camera. Of course do not forget to see the results in the gallery.

Back to the main menu, I tried the features of the interface offered. SONY still maintaining ease or uninstall apps quickly through a small touch on the option. As you can see, the application icon will installed rocking, where you can delete the application will be marked with an icon ‘X’ in the red corner.

After that, I went into the browser to access the internet at the same time feel typing on virtual keyboard,