Solid Foods Digestive influence on infant

If we introduce the food on the baby, it will change the form of feces. Solid foods cause infant’s stools were approaching adult feces. Harder consistency, brown and bad odor.In infants who are not yet ready to accept solid food, stool color can be changed to green. For that, give solid foods when your baby is ready to receive it.

Early solid foods can even have an impact on malnutrition. On one side of the child to be full, so the ability to drink milk is reduced, on the other hand the ability of digestion and absorption of nutrients from solid food was not perfect.

Solid foods can be started at least after the baby is 4 months old. No need to fear the children will go hungry or malnourished. Throughout given sufficient breast milk, the nutritional needs of children must be fulfilled. Exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months without any additional food even been able to meet the nutritional adequacy of child well.