Skin Care Tips For Teenagers

Teenagers go through a stage called puberty, wherein they experience physical changes in their body. Part of these changes is acne breakouts usually on the face.

If you are a teenager, you should start practicing skin care techniques to eliminate acne problems.

One of the most important skin care tips that you have to remember is to eat the right kinds of food. Avoid those foods that contain too much oil, or spicy foods that may worsen the acne. Maintain a well-balanced diet and consider eating fresh foods instead of junk foods. Junk foods are not good for the body and often contain saturated oil that may only worsen the acne.

Other skin care tips include removing make-up before going to bed and drinking lots of water to keep your body and skin hydrated all the time.

Although sodas and juices may be tempting, it is important to know that they cannot replace water as the main hydrant that you use for the body. Sodas and juices may satisfy a teenager’s sweet tooth, but they can actually prevent you from achieving a more radiant and healthy skin.

For other skin care tips, wash your hands often with soap and water. Avoid touching your face often, especially if your hands are not clean. Teenagers like you may have active lifestyle and touching the face may be inevitable, but keep in mind that the face has sensitive skin that may easily become irritated.

Aside from your hands, wash your face, too. Unlike the face, however, do not use soap to clean it. Instead, use a gentle facial cleanser, and then moisturize it right after washing.

Use a cleansing mask at least once a week for your acne skin care. This will help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads better than just washing it with a facial cleanser. If you have an active lifestyle and you have to stay outdoors often, apply sun block or sunscreen protection whenever necessary.

If you will be exposed to the extreme heat of the sun, make sure that the Sun Protection Factor or SPF of your skin product is within 30 to 45, or higher. You may need higher SPF especially if you have sensitive skin.

Samantha Brown has been working in the beauty industry for over 20 years now. These days, she concentrates her efforts on writing about natural acne skin care and skin care tips for teenagers. Visit one of her favourite skin care videos today.