Sex dimming, Boost Frequency Time Sex

POST receding natural sex drive is a threat to hit all couples. To fix this, do a refresher bed as soon as possible. One of them, increasing the frequency of sex that smoldering sexual life again.

Long-married couple, may feel bored or even waning sex drive. They may be rare caressing each other, kissing, or doing romantic things. Loss of sexual desire or appetite, probably because couples lack communication, face to face for busy work, attention, and others. Here are a few tips to spice up the couple, as reported by Top Santé.


When children monopolize attention or professional responsibility to spend the mind, will usually make us forget other things like watching couples. Try to spend time alone together, without the kids or friends. Or go for dinner together every once a week, spend a weekend together every two months, or both during the week sabbatical every six months. The intensity was eventually re-establish your warmth and your partner. Alternatively, you can use the time to do sex as often as possible so that intimacy is more tightly intertwined.

Speaking without taboo

Your sex life may not be satisfying, but you do not dare tell your partner for fear of offending or hurting himself. Over time this will make you lazy and always refused if the couple invite sex with 1001 reasons ranging from fatigue, stress, busy. Better tell your partner what you want, want, your problems rather than shut up and let it go. Your partner can not guess what you are thinking and feeling, make sure you always remove your heart’s content.