Save Women In Games Catapult King

Inspired by the successful Angry Birds game on the market, as the company Chilingo game developers try to bring similar games. Game was named Catapult King.

Catapult King tells the story of a princess who was captured by a dragon and all his men. Your task is to free the princess by defeating all the children of the dragon fruit by using a slingshot.

How to play the game itself is quite simple. Similar to Angry Birds, you only have to pull the catapult, set the direction, then shoot and destroy all the enemies there.

So what differentiates this game with Angry Birds? The difference is this King Catapult 3D theme. So, in addition to make a more beautiful than Angry Birds, but it also has an effect to the game.

In this game, play a very important element of strategy. You can see how the first round before firing. It must often do, because sometimes the enemies hiding behind a rock or castle. You can also change the angle of aiming for a better look around the area.

Catapult King consists of 64 levels. Each level is not too different, where you have to use a slingshot to defeat enemies. However, that does not mean it makes the game boring.

In each level, you will be given a bonus based on performance. These bonuses can be items or gems that can be used to purchase items. The bonus is you can get a variety of ways, ranging from shooting an enemy’s head, destroying the castle, and so forth. To get all the bonuses in the game is also quite a challenge in itself.

If Angry Birds have a variety of “bird” with different abilities, the King’s Catapult You can use a variety of ammunition with different abilities. Start of ammunition that can make earthquakes to ammunition that can make shots “lunar shot”. You can also use the help to do the aim in this game.

It should be remembered all the capabilities mentioned above require magic, which you can get through bonuses or through “in-game purchase”.

One of the interesting things in the King’s Catapult is elemental physics that looks better than Angry Birds. You can use a variety of bullets to see how the bullet will have an effect on the buildings to be demolished. With the right direction and fire, it is not possible you can skip a level with just one shot.

Overall the game is very interesting and entertaining to fill your free time with beloved gadget.