Review: ZA987 OneScribe Zyrex

Original computer manufacturers Indonesia, Zyrex, giving special opportunity to be the first media YANGCANGGIH.COM to review their latest Android smartphone, Zyrex OneScribe ZA987. Android smartphone plan with a 5-inch screen will begin shipping in early July. Is the market will give a positive response? Before suppose further, let us refer to the following review.


When visited by a team from Zyrex, we offer two colors that can be selected to be tested, black and white. Two more colors caught my attention though, black is also not bad: as the face of OneScribe ZA987 design is similar to the Samsung GALAXY Note that carried the 5.3 inch screen.

As a local vendor, “inspired” by the international product like this is fine, but with conditions: not 100% plagiarized in terms of design and quality should be comparable. And it seems, Zyrex able to meet them. First in terms of design. In the next section, we’ll find the camera lens and a light sensor Note elongated on the right earpiece. Meanwhile in ZA987 OneScribe there are 3 instruments can be found: camera lens, LED indicator lights (both are round) and light sensors are a bit oval.

The rest, good placement of the brand to the Home button in the middle that takes a rectangular shape, look the same. Even so, the touch-sensitive buttons on ZA987 OneScribe located on either side of the Home button has an icon that clearly despite the screen and lights are switched off.

Turning to the upside, if the 3.5mm audio jack on the Note is in a position inclined to the right, then on ZA987 OneScribe jack layout is actually inclined to the left. In addition, the Note can be found microphones to create a stereo sound left, while on ZA987 OneScribe not.

Note on the right side, you can find the power button or power, and volume keys on the left side access. In OneScribe ZA987, the buttons are placed on the right side of the line smartphone, while on the left side of the plain. You can even reposition OneScribe ZA987 in the state stand with the plain side.

The lower part consists of only OneScribe ZA987 microUSB port in the middle, and the microphone at right end. While the Note, in addition to the port, next to are right microphone and stylus storage slot located in the bottom corner.

Finally, at the back of the Note, the camera is in the middle of the flash is on the right. While the OneScribe ZA987, the flash is placed to the left of the lens. The location of the two logos could say the same, including the speaker shaped 2 strips on the lower left side. Interestingly, motif indentation in the left-upper right contained in the Note, also copied by Zyrex, including the basin to open the casing behind the textured dots stand.

Second is the quality of the buildings. For Notes do not need to be discussed further, because the vendor for Samsung certainly provide the best in products. Well, what Zyrex? First impressions hold it is, Indonesia’s smartphone does not feel nor look cheap. Even a friend of mine that uses the Samsung GALAXY Ace guess the point 5 million dollars when I asked how about the price Zyrex after he held.

In the prototype version that I use, there are shortcomings in the back of a hard casing sealed perfectly. Hopefully this is not found in the release version.


In fact, Android 4.0.3 ICS embedded in Zyrex OneScribe ZA987 able to run optimally. There are 5 home page that you can maximize the various shortcuts (shortcut) applications and a variety of widgets that can be found on the main menu. There is a shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen that can be set to your favorite features with just a simple step as usual, touch-hold-move.

If the Home screen (Home), you tap the Options button (left button-touch sensitive), it will exit the option to set the wallpaper, manage applications, or system settings. Meanwhile, in the notification bar at the top of the screen, there are 3 parts shortcut settings that can be found on the first page display settings (Brightness, Rotation deadline and automatic), the connectivity settings in the central courtyard (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, data connection (mobile) and plane mode), as well as setting the phone on the next page profiles the General, Silent, Meeting or Outdoor. Quick access to system settings can also be found here.

Go to the main menu, there are two classifications given the APPS and WIDGET, as well as a shortcut (shortcut) to visit the Google Play Store in the upper right corner. You can quickly remove (uninstall) applications that are not needed by way of touch-hold the app icon, and you will be taken to the Home and will appear the option “Uninstall” (Uninstall) and “Application Info”, besides you can put shortcuts in Home, of course.

Although not many of the features included on Zyrex OneScribe ZA987, but some of the features that I found interesting enough to discuss. First is the ability to fast-booting device. If you turn off OneScribe ZA987 without removing the battery, the time it takes to light up only about 6 seconds, while if you remove the battery, in about 30 seconds and the page lock screen (lock screen) is now accessible. It would be appreciated though OneScribe ZA987 only adopt a single-core 1GHz speed.

Second is the presence of two SIM slot GSM / GSM, which can both be used to connect to the virtual world with the HSDPA network. Set two SIM cards is also quite easy and you can determine where the main card or which will be used to access data.

Have you called with Android smartphones and difficulty when it comes to ending the call, because the screen turns off while calling the close button is not available? Turning the screen by pressing the Home button is certainly not the solution. Well, OneScribe ZA987 has three advantages in point: light sensor will give orders to the screen off when you get closer to the smartphone to your ear and turn it back on when you keep him away from ear to end the call (or access features that are required at the time of the phone is still ongoing activity ).

There’s also Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which allows you to access to the phone rejection message if it is unable or does not want to answer the call, either with a standard message that has been provided by Google or messages that you create yourself. How, when the call came in, scroll to the top of the circle and several messaging options will appear. Just choose which message you want to send.

While in the multimedia sector, ZA987 OneScribe music player at present setting up is complete, including the sound balance can be set manually. When I tried to track Sunny belongs Justin Lestari, the resulting effect is very pronounced changes. That is, the functions that are included not just “existing home”, with a record you listen with earphones. You can even sing along with the availability of columns lyrics, provided you include the appropriate file. Unfortunately, the sound output speaker OneScribe ZA987 relatively less powerful.


I was curious enough to do benchmarking on Zyrex OneScribe ZA987. Are Zyrex powerful enough to compete with global brands?

For Quadrant, OneScribe ZA987 get points CPU 2391, Memory 2827, I / O 4639, 2D 3D 529 and 1790 with a total of 2435. The amount is placed in the seventh, on the HTC HD and Samsung Nexus S. While giving total points AnTuTu 3535 with a speed of read and write memory cards 17.8MBps/8.2MBps. The points put him in a better position than Quadrant level, the sixth under the HTC Evo 3D and the Google Nexus S.

Vellamo that test reliability Zyrex OneScribe ZA987 in opening variety of multimedia content in web pages it got a score of 1243 which put him in fifth place out of 28 smartphones and tablets, which are even able to outperform the two ranks above the Samsung GALAXY Note!

Switch to the screen, with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels and the depth (deep-dpi per inch) 240 × 240, ZA987 OneScribe Zyrex using GPU from Imagination Technologies manufacturer is able to read and respond to 5 touches at the same time. Feels ‘match’ with the size of the screen. As well, access to the buttons on the virtual keyboard feels very comfortable even used for rapid typing.

Turning to the performance of the Internet, as in the benchmark results, OneScribe ZA987 was able to open various pages smoothly. Unfortunately when I try to watch Live TV Streaming on MivoTV, the site fails to open fully. OneScribe also includes video features although it must be used with earphones as an antenna, but you also still “listen” without plugging in earphones sound even if only kemresek. You are listening to broadcasts can also be recorded. While the battery life is quite durable, as the 5-inch screen and a 2 card is active with activity often good enough to call, SMS, internet and camera, OneScribe ZA987 able to last all day.


Zyrex OneScribe very decent ZA987 taken into account when you are craving a smartphone with a larger screen than most smartphones. For extra large screen concept, is similar to the Samsung GALAXY Note, but with a more affordable price. Though still relatively new in the world of smartphones Indonesia, Zyrex OneScribe ZA987 is reliable in terms of quality and performance. Some flaws in the products I test, limited to a less sharp screen, camera and speaker performance can still be improved. More understandable considering this is still a prototype before it was launched early July.

The amazing thing is the price. Zyrex plan will be marketed at a price of Rp 2,499,000. Attractive price supported specifications and capabilities are good also. In short, Zyrex OneScribe ZA987 should be a consideration for those who want a smartphone with a large screen, fast performance, but at an affordable price.

(+) Attractive design
(+) Battery is quite durable
(+) 8MP Camera, HDR, Panorama
(+) OS Android ICS
(+) Fast boot
(+) Dual SIM card
(+) Affordable
(+) Feature complete music player

(-) Screen less sharp
(-) The camera still looks “typical” local phone
(-) Camera flash only as a supplement
(-) External speaker sound underpowered