Recognize Tips & Importance of Authenticity for Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The use of aromatherapy oils at home can help you and your entire family improve the quality of life. Start of mind is more relaxed, more calm feeling to improve morale and energy to move.

Note however, these benefits can only be obtained if the essential oil is used made from 100 percent natural. Many products that claim is made from natural ingredients, but in fact also contain chemicals or synthetic. There is a synthetic element certainly can reduce the effects of aromatherapy, no effect at all in fact be harmful to the body.

For that, you must be smart when purchasing aromatherapy oils on the market. Buy in places you trust. For example, shop organic, herbal-based health clinics or leading beauty stores. If still in doubt, aromatherapy practitioner Zoraya Evita gave some tips to identify the characteristics of the original essential oils. Here’s some of them:

1. See bottle packaging. Pure essential oils are generally dark-colored bottle and concentrated. Also comes with a dropper applicator.

“Because it is made from natural materials, when exposed to sunlight can be damaged packaging should therefore illegal. Then there must be a dropper because the oil is very thick so use a drop or two drops is enough,” said Evita.

2. Should there latin name on the packaging label. Each of flowers, woods, leaves or roots of plants generally have a Latin name and it shows the authenticity of the product. It should be noted also how to use. “Information on the packaging should be as complete as possible,” said Evita working in Aromatherapy & Life Coach Center Scentsibility as aromatherapist.

3. When made from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, there should be a cap or an organic certification from a trusted institution. If the certification of the United States, usually bearing the USDA Organic seal and the seal is on the packaging or label. In Indonesia alone, organic certification is usually given by the BIOCert.

4. Price largely determines the quality of the product. One bottle size of 10 ml Lavender oil, for example, could be valued USD 100 thousand. For essential oil made from the flowers, the price can be more expensive around Rp 180 thousand per 5 ml. “Rose and jasmine the most expensive” said Evita.

According to Evita, which made the process of making essential oils have a high enough price. To get the rose oil, for example, takes kilogram rose petals can come from more than two countries. So when you find essential oils at low prices, it is necessary to doubt its authenticity.