Protect your interests in divorce cases

A divorce can be relatively simple in an uncontested divorce, or it can take a contested divorce difficult and complex cases take years to finally resolve.
In all cases, it is preferable to representation by a lawyer and have had many problems involved in the divorce proceedings. Common decisions that make the spouses concerning the division of property / debts, child custody, alimony, visitation and spousal support. A lawyer is important to the early stages of filing a petition until a final resolution and the resolution of financial and other matters. It is important to have an experienced attorney, you represent and defend your interests. If you can through a divorce on all family members, especially children difficult. On SA Young Law Firm, PA We help our clients to fulfill their divorce as painless as possible.

Different types of divorce
The type of divorce can make a difference in the speed and complexity of the final settlement agreement.

• Uncontested Divorce – the parties, usually out of respect for them and their children to get an agreement on the important issues of divorce. Divorce is the fastest and cheapest.

• the contested divorce – divorce the spouses fail to agree on the important issues of divorce come to ask the courts to intervene and make decisions for them. It can be time consuming and costly because of the need for litigation and court appearances, and the need for expert witnesses and other professionals.

• High net worth divorce – Some divorcing couples have large expanses of land and require special attention to tax implications, the division of property and other financial matters. It may require specialized services of professional accountants and tax advisors.

Mediation and divorce
We are experienced in mediation and are able to help many couples arrange for them to enter into the settlement without court intervention. Mediation can avoid the high costs of litigation in contested divorces to help associates. It can also be involved, their children and other family members, if the marriage can end more peacefully and without bitterness.

Settlement agreements modified
Agreement well thought out and well designed on the dispute will affect the future of divorce parties and help prevent future problems. In some cases, circumstances may significantly after a divorce, such as finance, health, job relocation, or change new marriage. Changes can have an impact on the ability to sustain payments, changes, agreements on visitation or custody. It is possible to modify the settlement agreements, but it should work with a lawyer who can provide professionally brought the case before the court. A judge may be reluctant to change an agreement on the settlement of disputes, if the change will be beneficial for participants demonstrated. The courts will always consider the welfare of children first.