Prevent Teen Free Sex, Cultivate It in Children adolescents prone to promiscuity can lead to sexual behavior outside of marriage. Therefore, you as a parent should suggest this to the baby to prevent the threat.

No one should be forced teen to have sex. And socially teen not free from the pressure to do something that they themselves actually feel uncomfortable, such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, and sex.

That’s why, as a parent you need to give it all the knowledge that your child can avoid the negative things that can damage him. According to the Family Health Guide, written by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, teach older children to dare to say “no”.

Almost every girl is hard to say “no” and will have sex because of the environmental persuasion and couples. There are several reasons why young women find it difficult to say “no” firmly, which most often is because they do not want to hurt the feelings of a girlfriend, or he is afraid of being hypocritical.

Some girls also worried he was not considered to be in line with the other girls. With all this pressure, your role as a parent is required to provide an example and affirmation about it all.

Tell your daughter, if you really want to refuse sex, then it must have the courage to say the following:

– No, I have to wait until after marriage
– No, you make me afraid of you
– No, I do not want to, and if you force me, it’s called , you did not seem too love me
– No, I do not like are compelled to something
– No, I’m not ready for it
– No, you do not make in a hurry. I’ll know when I’m ready
– No, I do not like your behavior

With the advice and explanations from you to convince your daughter dare say “no”, then he’d be willing to avoid anything that is not in accordance with her wishes.