Predicted Trends 2013 in the World Video Game

On several occasions the past, Oktomagazine had discussed several video games that are expected to explode in 2013. So for this opportunity, we will discuss about the trends predicted video games will be the basis of the development of the video game industry this year, as released by the site

Popularity Bows and Arrows

The franchise character Legolas from Lord of the Rings is often touted as one of the triggers of the traditional weapons of the emergence of this trend. Popularity weapons are bows and arrows also continued to show improvement as we watch the Hawkeye character skills to use such weapons in the film The Avengers. Now, the trend has finally come “poison” the world of video games.

The trend can be seen from several video games released in 2012 yesterday. Far Cry 3, Dishonored, and Battlefield: Aftermath, are three titles that show how crucial the main character needs to use a bow and arrow. As if to continue the trend, the developers have also included such weapons in several video games, such as Tomb Raider (reboot) and Crysis 3.

Rise Return Survival-Horror

Survival-horror may be regarded as one of the genre is increasingly abandoned, even by most of the franchise that won him popularity. But the success of simple gameplay mechanisms offered by Slenderman in 2012 ago as a valid indicator that this genre still has quite a bit of interest.

Does not necessarily fall on the side of the action, players will only be provided with limited abilities and weapons to survive, or even required to just run, dodge, and hide. The return of the survival-horror genre popular as it seems to be growing stronger in the year 2013.

Freemium System

Free to play is the future of the gaming industry, not a few publishers who recognize this concept. Free to play not only provides an opportunity to create a broader consumer market, but also close loopholes that had been dipermasalhkan losses from piracy process. For that, the system offers the option of purchasing a freemium various items, equipment, up to the character, both for the sake of gameplay or merely cosmetic, a format which is considered the most sense.

Some MMO games are released to the market in 2012 has been implemented this past, and it was likely that the concept will continue to be maintained until the year 2013. Some MMO games that have been long prepared to be offered with freemium system. One that deserves to be anticipated, of course, the presence of mixing Valve MOBA game that is now increasingly in demand, ie DOTA 2.

Talk About The Next Generation Gaming Console

Since the year 2012 ago, the issue of the presence of the latest gaming console have surfaced. Sony and Microsoft touted as the two names mentioned will soon release a new machine in the near future. It is based on the opinion of some who say that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are too old and no longer able to accommodate the latest video games.

The bloggers and observers of the world of video games even speculated in some media, that Sony will soon release a Playstation IV in February 2013.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming!

The ability of most smartphones and tablets today is already enough to produce quality mobile video gaming that deserves to thumbs up, even to create a visualization approach console may have never seen before. With the increased capacity in 2013 with the release of several new chipsets are more powerful course will enhance the popularity of mobile gaming.

Slowly but surely, he is no longer only for casual gamers, but gamers who need video game “serious” challenge. Various leading port games past from some publisher will continue to happen, not even a possibility, raised some exclusive titles that does not lose its quality. The presence of cheap home consoles like Ouya bebasiskan Android also will reinforce this trend.