Permissive Parenting: Too Much Freedom Could Hurt Your Child

Are you one of those parents who are giving their kids excessive freedom? Many experts believe that permissive parenting is detrimental to the child. Although children need to have freedom, excessive freedom is not really beneficial to children. Studies show that young children need role models and rules to help mould their personality especially during their early years.

Why Parents Adopt a Permissive Parenting Style

A lot of parents adopt the permissive parenting style because they believe that their children would love them more if they give them everything. Unfortunately, time and again, studies has proven that children do not really think that their parents love them any less because their parents say no to them every now and them. In fact, according to experts, children would tend to feel more secure with their parents when their parents set out some rules. Children respond well to rules and rhythm that it is very important for children to have something that they can abide by.

On the other hand, permissive parenting gives the child too much freedom to do what he or she wants to do. According to experts, there are three things that could happen when you give too much freedom to your child. First, you child would tend to believe that he or she can do anything. Second, your child would tend to believe that you are being compliant and would tend to abuse you. And third, if you allow your child to do anything that he or she wants, your child might think that you are indifferent and anything that he or she does would not affect you.

In all these three possibilities, your child always comes out the loser. Many children that have been raised in a very permissive household would grow up to be maladjusted and self-centered that they are not really able to hang on to some meaningful relationships.

Can There Be Moderate Permissive Parenting?

According to experts, moderate permissive parenting is possible. The good thing about permissive parenting when exercised in moderation is that it can be beneficial to the child. During their formative years, children need to develop their sense of independence. By giving the child the freedom to choose what he or she should do in certain circumstances, the child will learn to make good choices. Furthermore, the more the child is given the freedom to decide on certain things, the more responsible the child will become.