Obese Children Cancer Risk

After so many losses reported child overweight, a loss is now increased again, which is more at risk for cancer for later on.

Considerable research was conducted in England and Scotland began in 1937 to 1939 with 2,300 children aged between 2 to 14 years. 50 years later, it was 188 men and 192 women suffering from cancer.

From these data, the researchers tried to find the cause of the cancer by looking at risk factors such as smoking, the risk of cancer in the family and the Body Mass Index (BMI) when they are still small.

As a result, the risk of cancer in adulthood increased 9% each increase in body mass index (BMI). And cancer risk is also increased in those who smoke. Being factors such as food intake when they are young, socioeconomic circumstances, body composition or sequence in the family, do not seem to carry an increased risk of cancer.

Body Mass Index is an index to determine whether a person has an ideal weight or not. This index can be obtained by dividing the weight (in kg) by the square of height (in meters). Ideal weight if has a value of 18.5 to 22.9. The value can be classified under less weight, while above that value including overweight to overweight (obese).