Nutlings Noble, New Racing Game for iOS

For all platforms, the game has always been a favorite theme of racing. Having its own fanatical fans because the gameplay is quite interesting and quick to complete. However, if you’re bored with racing game which always displays sophisticated vehicles and fast, you can try out the latest games Boomlagoon work. This game is titled Noble Nutlings.

So what game? In short, you will be driving a vehicle that was boarded by three squirrel tails. The goal is to bring the vehicle to a finish line as fast as possible. In addition to reaching the finish line, you can also collect acorns available. The more seeds you collect, the more coins you get.

What makes this game interesting to play is the difficulty in driving a used vehicle. Not as easy as stepping on the brake and the gas pedal, you also have to balance the vehicle when he met with a road uphill or downhill.

In addition to the face of a fairly steep road, vehicle balance is also very useful when avoiding obstacles, grabbing acorns, to crush a pink monster that will give you a lot of coins.

One of the most difficult hurdle is TNT to blow up your vehicle. However, you can also take advantage of this TNT to bring your vehicle to go faster and reach higher ground.

Meanwhile acorns you collect while playing a racing game can be used to buy and upgrade your vehicles. There are many components that can be upgraded from a seat, the vehicle body, until the tire is used.

Upgrade  supplied is very unique, for example, you can change the wheels of a vehicle into a bowling ball or change the vehicle body like a train Santa Claus. You can get a vehicle that is unique and really funny, depending on the creativity that you do it. With the availability of hundreds of different combinations, you certainly will not run out of ideas to experiment.

There is also a special token that can be obtained are useful to enter the lottery. Lottery offers a variety of gifts that you can win randomly. Hope you lucky and you’ll get a more unique vehicle components again, or get the number of coins that very much. Tokens can you get by doing a full turn in the air when you jump off the ramp.

Graphs of this racing game should be appreciated. Noble appearance Nutlings packed with cartoon style bandage that more attention kids with bright colors. The music is made so well that you stand for long play.

Display a very cute animal characters, as well as addictive and different  make this game very interesting to play. If interested, you can directly download it for free on iTunes.