Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8, Now Supports Multi-Core Processors

Microsoft officially announced the presence of their latest mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, which is also called Apollo. This OS will be found on devices that will be launched later this year. As for the Windows Phone users older, must be content with an upgrade path to Windows Phone 7.8.

So what are the advantages of Apollo? The first follows greatly affects the performance of a device: Windows Phone 8 now supports multi-core processors. Also in the display case, the devices will be able to use Apollo resolutions up to WXGA or 1280 × 768 pixels. Memory sector also received attention, with support for microSD external memory usage.

Microsoft also announced a digital wallet called Wallet. This technology will allow you to perform various transactions or store digital coupons and tickets, which combined NFC technology. Skip to the navigation, Nokia Maps will be found on all of the Windows Phone 8 because it is embedded in the operating system. It’s funny if we find Nokia Maps when using Huawei branded smartphones, HTC or Samsung? Good news, this map can still work when the phone is not connected to the Internet so you can still see a map or get navigation guidance in all circumstances.

While 10 is the latest IE browser has been brought SmartScreen Filter that can identify malicious websites and malware. Features extra-fast data transfers using NFC (Near Field Communication) as the Samsung GALAXY SIII can also be found in the Apollo-based devices.

Then how about the display or user interface? The main screen is called Windows Phone Live Tiles got a little change with the choice of three sizes tile or “tiles” and the color palette for more. No more arrows icon on the right side so that the Live Tiles can be displayed the screen.

Windows Phone 8 Apollo will support 50 languages, which means two times more than the previous version. All the devices will use processor chips from Qualcomm, both from manufacturers HTC, Huawei, Nokia and Samsung.

For users of the Windows Phone 7.5, Microsoft has its own solutions. Along with the announcement of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft also unveiled the Windows Phone 7.8 which is an increase of Windows Phone 7.5. Least of it “taste” or interface, you will find similarities between Windows Phone 7.8 with Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, not much is known about what the increase in Windows Phone 7.8.

Devices based on Windows Phone 8 will be the first generation whose name comes from a vendor familiar such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei. For the processor, all the phones Windows Phone 8 will be powered by a processor made by Qualcomm.