Introduction of Solid Foods for 6-10 Months

6 to 8 months

At this time your child already has the awareness to process all of his food. But he has not been able to process solid foods. Therefore, she should give the baby porridge.

The child should be given the frequency:

4 (four) times feeding (breast milk or formula)
3 (three) times the extra food; 2 times baby porridge (40-50 grams) and 1 fruit juice (50-100 ml).
8 to 10 Months

At this time, your child’s teeth begin to grow. He was fond of and learn to bite. He also had to make use of chewing gums. At that moment, your child is ready for solid food know.

The child should be given the frequency:

4 times or 3 glasses of milk feeding continued (720 ml).
2 baby food meals (40-50 grams of powder).
1 time porridge (team) chopped chicken rice or mung bean porridge.
2 times interlude fruit juice (50-100 ml).
How to Give:
You can use the tip of a finger, a “scoop”. Let him suck. If your child is trained in this way, the next use a plastic spoon.