Intimate in bed, Do not Sleep After Sex

ENTER the new year be a good time to fix your sex life. Not only that relationship more intimate, but it also makes sex performed more qualified.

For husband and wife, the love activities to spice in their household life. Therefore, there is no harm in entering the new year if you also wish there was a change in your sexual life.

There are several ways that you can do as a couple to rekindle sexual passion in the life of your housekeeping. Mid Day to expose it to you.

Take time
Stop living in your sexual life is minimal. No matter how busy you are, make time to have time together. Make a holiday together and use this time as much as possible so you can feel the sexual life more colorful. Resolve to have more sexual activity this year.
Do not fall asleep

What most men do after sex, that sometimes they fell asleep. Well, try to change that habit this year. Once you are finished making love, cuddle and spend some time to whisper sweet words to the couple. Expression of the word love after sex mean to her, especially since you have reached a climax.
Maybe you often forget to turn off the phone at night while making love. This year, get rid of the habit. Turn off your phone or set in a silent condition. The only sounds that arouse sexual passion, which is a sigh or a whisper that came from the lips of your partner.