Huawei Ascend P1

Although it’s over, but the event Indonesian Cellular Show 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Center last week, still leaving some interesting things that we need to convey to you. One is the presence of Huawei Ascend P1 we’ve discussed before when it was first introduced at CES 2012.

At that time, Ascend P1 touted as the thinnest and fastest smartphones with a variety of attractive colors. Unfortunately, the new Ascend P1 planned to go to the country in July, along with a series of entry-level classes such as G300 and Y200 Ascend. We have created a hands-on session complete with video, as you can see below.

Design a thing is almost always my first. Ascend P1 does feel flimsy, but not to the extent of “special”. At the back of the body, you can see the pattern that is interesting and adds to the taste of its users. 8MP camera plus flash is also present there.

After that I began to explore the menu, such as opening the notification bar, see the version of the OS, to the security of Face Unlock option.

Next I tried to respond to commands display the main menu scroll quickly. Upon entry to the gallery, I went surfing in cyberspace as well try the virtual keyboard when typing in the address. The screen is quite relieved to enjoy content on the websites in general.

Being one of the underdog, I did not forget to try the Ascend P1 camera. Various settings that are in there I checked, such as resolution and ISO options. Also a video recorder capable of recording up to Full HD 1080p picture, as he directly play the result. For those of you who love to create unique photographs or diligent upload photos to Instagram, the effects provided by Ascend P1 interesting enough to try.