How to Teach Toddlers

Actually not surprising that parents start teaching the toddler to make a plan before doing anything. How do I? You can apply the following ways:

Introduce Consequences

Since the baby, you can teach your child “causation”. For example, when he punched your nose, you can express the pain with little cries, “Ow ….!” This simple concept makes children appear to know what the consequences for what he did.

For the second year, you can teach through simple language. When you take a toy friends son, so his cry and beat him, you can say, “because you take the toy Tono, he was sad and angry. So she beat you. Goods time do not take friends, yes dear …”

Teach Self-Control

The toddler still egosentri, everything focused on himself then, do not be surprised, if he hit another friend / grab toys own wishes. You can intervene with your child control. For example, tell him that he has his own toys, as well as the friend. Children must ask permission to borrow the toy before taking it.

Maybe he do not understand well your sentence. But slowly the child is able to learn about the concept of “other people” to be able to control himself better.

Previously Thought-Thought invites

Children often act merely indulging. For example, when annoyed, he could be a direct throw nearby objects. Make sure this situation does not only make you upset but was damaged goods.

Observe the child’s mood. When his face was annoyed, for example, and say hello to his approach. Ask why he does not seem happy, what causes it and what are the alternative ways that can be done to cope with frustration.

Practice Making Plans

Practice putting together a plan, which makes the child understand the importance of getting out and he had a plan. You can ask the plan daily activities, such as preparing food and toys that will be played tomorrow while in group play or when to play with her friends at home.

Similarly before him to the supermarket. This event is a routine activity that can become a child’s learning media. Before shopping, check first your family purposes. Make a list of groceries to involve your child up when searching for items to be purchased. This makes the child getting used to doing simple preparations before doing anything.

Set an Example

Your child learn from the example, you first and foremost role model for children. He recorded the behavior and habits you are seen daily. Therefore, if taught her something, you also must apply consistently what you want it to do.