How to Quickly Clean Home While Family Gather in New Year holidays

The holiday season, most people choose to spend time casually for traveling out of town or overseas. But there are some who prefer to stay at home and invite relatives to gather.

For those of you who prefer a family gathering to welcome the new year, which is certainly important to be prepared a clean and comfortable. In addition to using the usual cleaning fluid bought at the supermarket, you can use the materials and household kitchens that are already in the house. In addition to the maximum result, these cleaning materials also make your clean-up easier.

1. Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon is a suitable cleaning materials to clean as well as care for furniture made of wood. Pour a little oil into the lemon cleaning wipes, and use it to remove dust-dust on shelves, chairs, ornaments, picture frames or wooden floors. In addition, lemon oil is also suitable for cleaning tools made of stainless steel quickly. Same way, by rubbing dry cloth equipment that has been given oil. This method is a solution when you want to make the house clean and fragrant in a short time.

2. Alcohol
A quick way to clean house is with alcohol. Pour alcohol to swab or cotton cloth and rub on small parts of furniture or household devices. As the water faucet in the bathroom, kitchen sink, or oil stains on the surface of a gas stove. In addition to clean furniture are also free of bacteria.

3. Baking Soda
Baking soda is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains leftover food in pots and pans without having to rub after a long time with the extra power. Sprinkle baking soda to the cooking utensils that have been filled with soapy water and let stand overnight. Baking soda helps remove the dirt and crust making it easier to clean. The next morning, just use a sponge or scouring pads dishwasher. This versatile powder also effectively clean the sink. When the sink is empty but still wet, sprinkle baking soda on it and scrub with a brush. Leave for 20 minutes, then wipe with a dry cloth.

4. Borax
Blouse slop your favorite coffee, tea or syrup while partying? There are effective ways to remove the stain. Soak clothes in a bucket of water that has been mixed with 1 tablespoon of borax. Soak for two to three hours. Then wash as usual. Borax can also be used to clean the toilet toilet. Pour a tablespoon into a pit toilet, let sit overnight. The next day, brush using a round brush, then flush or flush. Toilet was clean immediately.