Flexible Display Technology

Good news for the sellers of cell phones ! A category of latest mobile phones will emerge and will be incredible : the analysts call it a Wearable Gadgets or if in Indonesiakan will be gadget that can be used / worn by the user . ( Too long ya ? May be easier to call it the wearable gadget only. )

This product category emerged because of the progress that has been achieved in flexible display technology , the technology that enables digital display can be bent s / d maximum bending without fractures , even allowing for rolled thus saving storage space . Easy to carry everywhere anyway !

Currently , ranging from Apple and Samsung and now Dell , amid a race to be the most dominant in flexible display technology . This technology allows the gadget maker to invest in technology that can be used / worn by the user .

Several companies have expressed can design this technology including Google , which currently has thousands of people in times of testing smart glasses ala Google , while Apple , reportedly began the development of intelligent tools for watch , sort of iPod for ‘ eye ‘ .

Dell still tend to be closed with secret gadgets , said that it was too speculative to be sure the best way to get into this hot new market , especially if it is associated with a decreased selling Dell PCs , while Samsung and Foxconn also still doing GTM ( silent movement ) by making similar claims about the development of wearable gadget . Latest rumor Samsung mobile flexible sail is still not become a reality with the launch of the flagship Galaxy line of Notes they were apparently without this technology .

Yet none of these new gadgets that have been proven to make money . Meanwhile , Google goggles is the closest to release. While the world’s technology giants to invest funds in the development of an exorbitant amount on this technology , still have to start a long test period .

Research organization IHS predicts there will be nearly 800 million unit shipments in 2020 of only 3.2 million that had been sent by the manufacturer this year , with market revenues increased to $ 41.3 billion from $ 100,000 .

“The demand for flexible display screen is expected to experience massive growth over the next seven years , with a wide range of applications will drive almost 250 times increase in shipments of 2013 s / d 2020 , ” said Director of Mobile and Emerging Displays Technology Vinita Jakhanwal .

Jakhanwal predicts that the first movement in this category will likely slow to reach maturity technologies such as screen protectors that fit Corning Gorilla finding technology that will help protect the screen on tablets and smartphones . The main obstacle seems trivial : display -producing machinery in factories and other phones are not designed for receiving material but shaped sheet -shaped rolls . So that the necessary adjustments needed .

In addition to the consideration of whether the market will accept or not the arrival of a new flexible display technology can also be an obstacle . Analysts said the fact that the screen is more flexible than pertambahkan add to the beauty of the function . Except maybe Google and Apple because they have established a new market for these flexible screens .

Special delivery and smartphone product lines with flexible screens are projected to rise to 351 million units in 2020 , ( up from 2 million units in 2013 ) . This kind of smartphone screen technology is not really bend to bend , but it contains a flexible substrate which allows to reach the maximum concavity / almost broken but still able to maintain thinness .

Durable flexible screen that can be physically bent will come soon , although it will initially be optimally applied on a large screen or smartphone annular in an effort to maximize screen space . LG is seen as a market leader in its category , has been selling LG TV in Korea with a curved screen , said Jakhanwal . However LG has also entered the market to supply the flexible screen .

Further ahead he said flexible glass will eventually be completely flexible , and even rollable / can be rolled up , able to be manipulated by the user and will trigger the ” next generation of space -saving device . “