FIFA 2013, A Challenging Game

Enthusiastic spectators at the football field, the fact is also contracted in the gaming world. Do not believe? Based on the list of monitoring sites selling music, video and software online UK, registered until January, 2013 FIFA ranked first in the category of the most popular games.

No surprise, really. Why? If you look at it in terms of three-dimensional effects, the game is fairly riveting. In addition, the movement of the players was like a real football player on the gridiron, real and natural.

Another plus, a video game produced by EA (electronic arts), has stunning graphics. Starting from the movement of players entering the field, the roar from the crowd, referee that looks alive, commentators attractive, moving alongside coach pitch, every movement without the ball, the position of the player, to lead and the ball also looks stable. In fact, the faces of the players, such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is very similar to the original.

The game itself has many levels of difficulty. Because the operating system is appropriate or original as closely as possible to the players, then the play need stability and patience. The players in this game have a variation in a pass and dribble. Similarly, when scored, players can celebrate on the sidelines.

Features menu, such as match, career, online, cup, and edit player, you can choose. Keep in mind, when I started, you need to create an account yourself useful when meeting opponents game online. Here are some explanations about the feature,

Match, this feature is a game of friendship between different teams. team selection also varied, from the European leagues are well known to the league brazil and argentina. For career, this feature invites us to be able to use a team playing in a European league particular. For example, using the Real Madrid team, and playing in the Spanish league. No lag, no player transfer system good team players willing to sell or buy new players. This feature is presented as closely as possible to the original. In addition, we can make the player himself in this feature and use it to play in European leagues or the other.

Further online, this feature invites us to look for an opponent with another account. Giving rise to new challenges and experiences. In this feature, you are required to have a personal account that is useful to be known by a different account when you’re playing via the internet. Then in the edit player feature, the lovers of football games can edit players as they pleased, and also fits the type of players.

FIFA 2013 gives a lot of experience and the challenges of playing football. Very exciting, and certainly fun if you football lovers want to try this game.

Good luck!