Do It To Car Salon

If you plan to resell your car, make sure your car stays clean and in good condition. Keeping your car to keep them clean and in top condition will increase the sale value of the car.

To make your job effectively, you might want to use products designed specifically for your car wash. Type of soap is usually controlled and contain gloss enhancers and some have a waxy substance that dissolves in water. For that, please your car accessories specialist with a specialist to find the right products for your vehicle.

To wash your car: Start with a large clean plastic bucket, fill with cold or warm water and add a little car wash soap. Do not use hot water – it will soften the wax (like how the candle flame to soften wax), which can cause your car body paint damaged. And please remember that when adding soap to the water. The best thing is to use liquid soap instead of a powder car. The powder can not dissolve all the way and small particles can enter your sponge and scratch the paint.

Make sure that you try to wash your car in the shade, and make sure that the car is relatively cool. When your car is cold, it will allow the water to evaporate away quickly. Spray the car down (with your hose on a soft setting) to thoroughly wet the surface. It is best to not use a power sprayer that can grind dirt into the car and cause scratches.

Bird droppings are a disaster for the paint job and should be removed as soon as possible. Stools are very acidic and will strip the paint right off your car. Useful Tips for removing bird droppings between washes with a bottle of soda water.

By washing your car regularly and with the right tools you will be able to keep your car looking like new. For those times in between washes, keep your car covered and protected with a high quality car cover.