Desperate Singles or Type Are You?

ALTHOUGH the same status, but every single have different types. Approximately, singles type are you?

When the status of single, maybe you think everything is the same. However, each person has different characteristics. As to whether your type?
Here is his review, as quoted by How About We.

Singles who still remember the past

Your previous relationship filled with passion, love, but also hate. You might need a few years to fully recover from the pain of the heart. In the meantime, you are likely to be in a relationship, but not entirely serious. Could not hurt to spend a lot of time with your friends.

Singles despair

You look at your single status in all respects. Sometimes, you choose to do anything alone than to be with a friend who has a pair. You also have to feel your love life prospects do not have hope.

Singles are convenient

You have a career life, social, personal and fun. Everything is complete, unless of course mate. There is no obvious reason why you’re single. You just feel, sometimes, life is happier when you are alone.

Singles who like a challenge

It never occurred to you to tie a commitment to one person. The challenge when you are chasing, flirting, and dating is so great for you. Maybe someday you will live more established, but not as long as you still love the single life.