Bye-bye blackheads & Greet Face Facial Treatment Clear with High-Tech

Look in the mirror and see the blackheads on the face like nesting mood drop! With high-tech facial treatment, blackheads disappear and a cheery smile instantly expands.

As usual, the treatment begins with cleansing step. The therapist will apply a cream cleanser on the face and neck. Slowly but surely, the dust and dirt on the skin will be deleted.

The next step, a nebulizer be brought closer to the face. Gush of warm steam and give a sense of comfort aimed to open the pores.

Benefits, the spending that goes blackheads manually (by hand therapist) is relatively easy. It was? Still sick. As pinch-pinch recurrent sore and we are wondering when this torture will end. Long time torture (read: removal of blackheads) depending on the condition of the face. The process is about 15 minutes.

Once blackheads disappear, the therapist directly applying fluid to all parts of the face. This fluid is useful to counteract inflammation. Red welts and swelling are common after a woman complained of need not worry about the facial treatments.

The next step is the use of a tool called the High Frequency (HF). The tool tip shaped like the tip of a small spoon will be moved to all parts of the face. Do not worry. It did not hurt. Just as there was little shock-shock. This tool can disinfect your face and make more fresh faces.

Nursing continues to differentiate stage high-tech facial with another facial. That application of serum that has been specially formulated with a special high-tech tools. Each point of the face and neck were swept by the tool is driven by the rotating technique. The device is believed to make the serum into the skin layers and work with the maximum.

Next up is the use of masks. All parts of the face including the eyes and mouth covered with a mask. Cold sensation felt across the face. After 20 minutes, the mask attached to a mask on the face directly appointed by the therapist. Back face cleansed and liquid refreshment. As a result, the face feels supple.