Brainsss, Change Human Being Zombie

Zombie themed games is not new anymore for gamers. Each year there are games that are created with the theme of zombies. Starting from 2-dimensional games to 3 dimensions, is now circulating in the market.

From the number of zombie-themed games, you should try one of the best that can be played on Android or iOS phone you have. This game is titled Brainsss.

Brainsss is a game that uses the genre of Real Time Strategy (RTS) where you will play as a group of zombies that attack the human population. There are some objective that must be met to complete this game, one of them of course is to change the people into zombies.

There are about 70 levels and you must go through these levels have different maps and locations such as residential areas, hospitals, parks, airports, offices, and much more.

When first playing Brainsss, this zombie game will take you on a city that is going on Zombie Apocalypse. As controlling the zombies you have to find the man who saved him and finished.

The control is very easy, you just press your finger on one of the zombie unit and press the location you want to go. Camera view of the game is to take pictures from the top, so you can see the man hiding behind a wall or building.

This game also allows you to surround your prey using a split mode. To activate this mode, simply press two fingers on the zombie unit, and expand two fingers then the unit will separate into two and besieged people from two directions.

In the early levels, you are dealing with human beings so easy a prey. They just run around yelling and not doing any resistance. But the further you play Brainsss, there will be police and soldiers who would fight you. They can shoot you use the weapon.

Be careful because they can kill you quickly, even before you got him. Fortunately, every human being has a pattern of doing the movement or when shooting. You have to memorize the pattern and find the right gap to launch an attack.

And to simplify the game, you can activate the Rage Meter. By using Rage, you have a collection of zombies will move faster and produce greater damage. But of course you can not use this mode as often as possible.

Unlike other zombie game that carries a dark, dark images, graphics Brainsss of the game is very bright and colorful. This leaves a sense of horror in the kind of game so that you can be more casual and relaxed when playing this game. The music was very well packaged and well complemented by the exciting sound effects.

This game is well worth it for you to play. Evidently this game has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on Google Play. You can directly download it for free in the Android Store and iTunes Store.