Best Memorial Gifts to Remind Yourself of a Loved One

The best way to remember a loved one that has passed away is to surround yourself with people who can offer you emotional support. Whether you are helping a friend grieve the loss of a parent, friend, family member or child, then you may want to give them a gift that will ease the pain a little. Grief is a tricky thing to deal with but as long as you can show that you are there to give the support they need, they will begin to feel much better.


A vase is a very subtle and also very practical gift either to buy yourself after the loss of a loved one or to buy someone else who is grieving. When someone passes away, many people like to give flowers in bouquets.

However, trying to find enough places to put all the flowers is difficult, so a practical gift for someone who is mourning is to give them a vase. You can either keep it plain and simple or you can add an engraving on it or the name of the person that has passed so that it has even more meaning.


A plaque is a beautiful way to remember someone. A plaque can be made out of a range of materials from brass to marble to other kinds of metal or stone, but the words that you put on the plaque are much more significant than the material from which it is made.

The name of the departed, as well as dates of birth and death are usually added to a plaque, but you might also want to add a message such as “Devoted to his friends and family. Loved and missed by all” or another heartfelt message. Choose a place of significance to display the plaque and remember them always.


A lovely way to remember a loved one is to get memorial jewelry which reminds you of them when you wear it (which can be all the time if you wish). Dainty cremation pendants are subtle and can hold a token amount of ashes or a lock of hair for added sentiment so that you can feel like your loved one is with you always. Pick a metal such a s silver or gold which suits you and then pick a pendant (cylinder, heart, star, angel, or orb) which represents your deceased family member of friend.