Being Real In Game Hunters ‘Crysis 3’

Fantastic, that’s the right expression when playing the latest game made by EA (Electronic Arts), Crysis 3. If you are true gamers, certainly do not want to miss the game on this one. How could I not? With stunning visuals and adventurous hunt a challenge in this game.

Incredible experience you can find when you start hunting with a variety of interesting weapons, one of which is capable of destroying electronic arrows and kill the enemy. This game First Person Shooter genre, or commonly abbreviated as FPS.

Crytek developed game design, the direct use CryEngine 3, so that the display image to be refined, as well as the movement of players. Lighting effects used this time is better than the previous game, Crysis 2. Actually, this game is not too much different from its predecessor, only in Crysis 3 more show new challenges, and new weapons. it is able to add new nuances in the hunt in the woods Arizona.

For his own gameplay stick to its roots FPS (First Person Shooter), there is no mechanism that a lot has changed. Although there are some changes, such as the movement of the players is more flexible and attractive, but still at the development of FPS game itself.

Predator Bow (bow hunters) indirectly entice you to develop a style of play which is more pronounced deceptive, suddenly can disappear and appear behind an enemy. Her clothes were in the form of cloak (cloak) made of steel and has a very important role because it can withstand attacks from opponents and a similar visualization than previous series.

System modifications are applied Crysis 3 offers a new mechanism is much more complex. Limitations of ammo (ammunition), and a more difficult challenge, capable of blocking the prophet as you are using a weapon that can be used to fight like crazy.

In the specification, Crysis 3 is fairly high, but the fact can be run even with the minimum specifications. Here are some specs for Crysis 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM, Dual Core CPU, Nvidia GTS 450, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (E6600), and AMD Radeon HD5770, 2.7 GHz AMD Athlon X2 (5200 +). However, to play it, at least 4GB of RAM, a Quad Core CPU.

For , Crysis 3 is challenging. Full degree of difficulty and attractions were interesting to try. Guaranteed, Crysis 3 will add to your game collection, especially this game can be used as a gaming PC, and has been marketed in Asia, including Indonesia, for $ 79.9.

Good luck!