How to Keep Memories Alive After Cremation

People often choose cremation because of how flexible this option can be – but this flexibility can leave grieving family members wondering what to do with the ashes and urn after saying those final goodbyes. Answering this question, independently or as a family, will require considerable thought and introspection.

Some families choose to scatter the ashes, others keep the urn in a family columbarium, some divide the ashes so that each family member can retain a portion… the options are limitless. We’ll cover five of the most common types of memorials below. We’ll explain later how you can combine two or more options to create a meaningful memorial that suits the needs of the family and honors the memory of the departed.


1. Shadowbox Memorial

A shadowbox memorial is perfect for a small, personal memorial with or without a portion of the ashes. This one is straightforward – include the photos you treasure most along with possessions that bring back memories, like the war medals that starred in so many childhood stories or the antique hairbrush that your loved one used to put your hair in braids as a young one. Continue reading “How to Keep Memories Alive After Cremation”

Vandroid T1A, The Latest Tablet mainstay Advan

Advan as one tablet vendors, based on android system launched the best products, the Advan Vandroid T1A. The tablet uses the Android operating system 4.0.4 Ice Cream.

The design adopted by Advan Vandorid this, to be similar to the previous series T1C. The dimensions are 195 wide x 118 x 11 mm, with sleek dimensions removes accents in each corner. The color is there are three options, namely black, white, and silver. The difference, around the body of the Advan T1A coated with silver bezel, and on the back using glossy plastics material, which adds to the impression of elegance.

The position of the power button, and volume are at the top. For the SIM card slot, memory slot, 3.5 mm audio port, and a micro USB port, located at the bottom of the tablet. Meanwhile, behind him, there is the camera and LED flash, which can be used to take pictures or objects.

Prossesor used in the form of a single core; Qualcomm Snapdragon Turbo1GHZ, CPU model: ARMv7 Processor (VFPv4, NEON), and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Chipset snapdragon processor with turbo speed of 1 GHz, ability to receive commands quite smoothly. Moreover, also supported by 512MB RAM. In addition, Advan also added an internal memory of 2 GB, and 32 GB of external memory.
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How to Teach Toddlers

Actually not surprising that parents start teaching the toddler to make a plan before doing anything. How do I? You can apply the following ways:

Introduce Consequences

Since the baby, you can teach your child “causation”. For example, when he punched your nose, you can express the pain with little cries, “Ow ….!” This simple concept makes children appear to know what the consequences for what he did.

For the second year, you can teach through simple language. When you take a toy friends son, so his cry and beat him, you can say, “because you take the toy Tono, he was sad and angry. So she beat you. Goods time do not take friends, yes dear …”

Teach Self-Control

The toddler still egosentri, everything focused on himself then, do not be surprised, if he hit another friend / grab toys own wishes. You can intervene with your child control. For example, tell him that he has his own toys, as well as the friend. Children must ask permission to borrow the toy before taking it. Continue reading “How to Teach Toddlers”

Again, Kate Middleton Become Beauty Icon UK

THE Duchess of Cambridge was admired worldwide for her beautiful face, attitude and friendly nature, always look natural and not too excessive wear makeup, and fashion sense of his views.

For all that, Kate Middleton was topping the poll of 2,000 women conducted Superdrug Beauty Icons. A total of 27% of votes in favor if the wife of Prince William is an icon of beauty in the UK. This is an award that she won for two consecutive years, as reported by Dailymail.
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Prevent Teen Free Sex, Cultivate It in Children adolescents prone to promiscuity can lead to sexual behavior outside of marriage. Therefore, you as a parent should suggest this to the baby to prevent the threat.

No one should be forced teen to have sex. And socially teen not free from the pressure to do something that they themselves actually feel uncomfortable, such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, and sex.

That’s why, as a parent you need to give it all the knowledge that your child can avoid the negative things that can damage him. According to the Family Health Guide, written by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, teach older children to dare to say “no”.
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Rail Rush, Android Games Competitor Temple Run

Temple Run success obtained with the theme as an endless runner game, is now being followed by the developers who are starting to make similar games. The latest game is fairly interesting for you to play, Rail Rush.

In this game made by Miniclip, you will play as an explorer was entered into the earth through a mine. When running missions in this game, you will be playing four characters. Starting from the women, carpenters, and the characters are similar to the professor or the hunter. Your job here is to collect rocks and gold mines there.

There are several places that you should explore in this game, such as caves, waterfalls, cobwebs, dead city, and mushroom halls. Each of these levels, it will be filled with exciting obstacles.

How to play almost similar to Temple Run. To collect gold and stones is to the left, you simply press the tap in the direction of gold and the character will lengthen his hand in the direction of gold and stones earlier. To jump, you simply press the tap in the middle. And to move the path, you can simply shift the thumb to the next track.
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Stop Seizures Fever In Your Child!!!

Febrile seizure is also known as stuip or stip. Febrile seizures are divided into two types, namely simple febrile seizures and complex febrile seizures, which are often experienced by children under the age of 1.5 years.

Of course, a febrile seizure is different with epilepsy that occurs repeatedly and continuously. Seizures due to epilepsy does not begin with a fever. Simple febrile seizures are less likely to recur, the fever begins, and does not occur continuously. Unlike the complex febrile seizures are at higher risk occurs repeatedly, and is the first step to develop into epilepsy. You are therefore advised to note and measure, at what temperature your child gets a seizure. Why do that? Because every child has a different temperature tolerance limits. In addition, for children who have a family history of suffering from seizures due to fever, or abnormalities in the nervous system, will be susceptible to seizure if the temperature is 38 degrees celsus has passed.

Not a febrile seizure occurs because of infection in the central nervous system, but because of the temperature rise above 38 degrees celsus. Children can be exposed to a seizure if he was exposed to a high fever, or sore throat. Fever is a symptom of a disease. A child is said to be a fever if his temperature is above 38 degrees celsus. Some signs the child has a febrile seizure, among others:
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Age 30, Female It Aims Handsome Men

MISCELLANEOUS age also shifting lover criteria they are looking for. The more mature, the criteria are increasingly looking for a life partner no matter consider mere appearance, but more on comfort.

A recent study conducted by matchmaking sites in the UK revealed that when a woman’s age increases, the perception of them in choosing a partner is also changing. And an expert also helped explain why it happened.

Psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria says, the findings of the study revealed true in reality, not only for women but men as well. People look for different things at different points in his life, the choice of partner will also reflect this change. Continue reading “Age 30, Female It Aims Handsome Men”

Premature Ejaculation tackles, Penetration Solution Concentration

LOVE is not only to produce pleasure, but also fear for both men and women. Outside expression of confidence that they seemed, in fact they keep concerns about performance in bed.
Matters of sex, maybe men are more sexually active than women. But when men find obstacles in love, it was immediately shut off his passion. Consequently, sex was a mess.

Fear related to male sexual performance usually includes sex position, ejaculation period, orgasm and wild acts in bed which often leads to sexual arousal overcast.

The emergence of these constraints no doubt become an obstacle to the enjoyment of sex arises. In fact, satisfaction of couples were nevertheless achieved. Continue reading “Premature Ejaculation tackles, Penetration Solution Concentration”

Educational games for the Grassroots

By the age of two years old child often likes to bring her favorite doll “talk”. You do not have to worry about dealing with this, because all the kids are going through a stage called animism, where children tend to think of inanimate objects as living things. Through this stage the child is actually learning to express himself. The doll loved, scolded, picked up and kissed, etc..

By the age of three years old child enthusiastically pretend play, this is also a natural step. Through pretend play your child the opportunity to develop the imagination.

Educational game

Through play, the child can learn many things. To improve the intelligence necessary to provide some educational games. For that you need to be somewhat selective in giving toys to children. Basically a good toy is a toy that can make your child “explore”.
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