Rail Rush, Android Games Competitor Temple Run

Temple Run success obtained with the theme as an endless runner game, is now being followed by the developers who are starting to make similar games. The latest game is fairly interesting for you to play, Rail Rush.

In this game made by Miniclip, you will play as an explorer was entered into the earth through a mine. When running missions in this game, you will be playing four characters. Starting from the women, carpenters, and the characters are similar to the professor or the hunter. Your job here is to collect rocks and gold mines there.

There are several places that you should explore in this game, such as caves, waterfalls, cobwebs, dead city, and mushroom halls. Each of these levels, it will be filled with exciting obstacles.

How to play almost similar to Temple Run. To collect gold and stones is to the left, you simply press the tap in the direction of gold and the character will lengthen his hand in the direction of gold and stones earlier. To jump, you simply press the tap in the middle. And to move the path, you can simply shift the thumb to the next track.
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How Lightning Get Beautiful Eyelashes

HAVE A thick eyelashes and beautiful is definitely a dream of every woman. Moreover, there are many ways to make it happen.

Want to have a slender and long eyelashes naturally? Here’s tip, as quoted Boldsky.

castor oil

This is one of the natural ways to thicken eyelashes. Apply castor oil regularly before going to bed. Do it for two months and see growth.

Vitamin E Oil
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SONY Xperia Tipo & Miro Design Upper Class, Middle Class Price

Sony has just introduced two new members of the Xperia both ending in “o”, the Xperia Tipo & Miro. One interesting thing about the name Tipo is a lot of media coverage the world is sourced from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication Indonesia, after rumors emerged that series name. Both have a different design, with a more visible display Tipo “economical” and simple. Miro different than adopting a design-la Xperia S.

Tipo is bringing the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. He is equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen resolution of 480 × 320 pixels, while the performance is powered by a 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. At this point, I suspect that the Tipo will be reserved for middle-class market – but let’s keep going to the next specification.
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Exclaim Adventure Zombie In Zombiewood

Love to play the zombie-themed games, but bored with adventure-that’s it? Do not worry, Because there is a Similar themed game comes with a much different flavor. Do not believe?

Game made ​​by Gameloft this Zombiewood entitled, guaranteed to make you addicted to continue to play. Here, you will act as a stuntman requires him to be a hero Because of the invasion of zombies breaking into Hollywood. After finding out that the destruction of the origin of these undead can be a good movie and Riveting, the director you decide to put you in a variety of films roomates in everything revolves around killing zombies.

Each movie is divided per-scenes with each featuring a goal that must be resolved. Each mission completed, will help you open a new movie that you should play.

In Zombiewood, you will enjoy the way the division level and incorporated into the movie scene. The use of some objective roomates is divided into several scenes is a slick way to encourage replay ability.
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Dismissed Nosebleed

In medical terms, is called epistaxis nosebleeds which means bleeding from the nose. As we know, the nose has many small blood vessels, especially in the area of ​​the lobe. So, if there are factors originators, then burst blood vessels in the nose, and blood came out.

Nosebleeds are common in children because of the mucous membranes and blood vessels they are still sensitive. This condition can occur repeatedly, even more than once a day.

Nosebleeds can occur because children are exposed to the air is very hot or too cold, or a drastic change of the air is very hot to the very cold air. In addition, children whose habits like nose picking holes, can also lead to nosebleeds. Irritation of the nose which possessed small objects can cause infection and bleeding.

Nosebleeds can also occurs due to hereditary factors. If traced-trace, nosebleeds often turns children have a father or mother as a child is also experiencing the same thing. In addition, children with a history of allergies, such as frequent colds or sneezing, are also more likely to have nosebleeds. Continue reading “Dismissed Nosebleed”

Premature Ejaculation tackles, Penetration Solution Concentration

LOVE is not only to produce pleasure, but also fear for both men and women. Outside expression of confidence that they seemed, in fact they keep concerns about performance in bed.
Matters of sex, maybe men are more sexually active than women. But when men find obstacles in love, it was immediately shut off his passion. Consequently, sex was a mess.

Fear related to male sexual performance usually includes sex position, ejaculation period, orgasm and wild acts in bed which often leads to sexual arousal overcast.

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Math Multiplication, Game Education Android

Not all games have a negative impact for children. Examples like games that have educational content, or better known as educational games. Game type education aims to provoke interest in the subject matter of children to learn while playing, so with a sense of excitement is expected that children can more easily understand the subject matter presented. One of them you can see the math multiplication table, which can be played on Android.

This game has the look of a clean and simple interface for users, and certainly suitable for children. In addition, the game also does not require a lot of time for children to get used to the game, because the concept is very easy to understand. Navigation view of the game is also very easy to use for children.

This game is presented like a game “Tetris”, the game falls beams arranged below. However, the difference lies in the multiplication questions stored in it, and must be answered by the children. If the answer is yes, then the beam will disappear, but if wrong, the beam will be constantly falling down.

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Huawei Ascend P1

Although it’s over, but the event Indonesian Cellular Show 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Center last week, still leaving some interesting things that we need to convey to you. One is the presence of Huawei Ascend P1 we’ve discussed before when it was first introduced at CES 2012.

At that time, Ascend P1 touted as the thinnest and fastest smartphones with a variety of attractive colors. Unfortunately, the new Ascend P1 planned to go to the country in July, along with a series of entry-level classes such as G300 and Y200 Ascend. We have created a hands-on session complete with video, as you can see below.

Design a thing is almost always my first. Ascend P1 does feel flimsy, but not to the extent of “special”. At the back of the body, you can see the pattern that is interesting and adds to the taste of its users. 8MP camera plus flash is also present there.

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Educational games for the Grassroots

By the age of two years old child often likes to bring her favorite doll “talk”. You do not have to worry about dealing with this, because all the kids are going through a stage called animism, where children tend to think of inanimate objects as living things. Through this stage the child is actually learning to express himself. The doll loved, scolded, picked up and kissed, etc..

By the age of three years old child enthusiastically pretend play, this is also a natural step. Through pretend play your child the opportunity to develop the imagination.

Educational game

Through play, the child can learn many things. To improve the intelligence necessary to provide some educational games. For that you need to be somewhat selective in giving toys to children. Basically a good toy is a toy that can make your child “explore”.
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Optimal Growth for Small Age 8 Months

Your baby is getting big now. Expert when he began leaning to the side with one hand, so that his body does not fall. Only with the help of a finger, he can also lift her to sit for a while. But he still relies on his side or two so as not to tumble.

In this month, most babies begin to stand up though still timid. Therefore the child often shout if you want to sit back. Well, if this happens to your baby, immediately approached him and teach him to bend his knees and with the help of hand can sit back without slamming his body.

Currently the child likes to experiment with an item, examine it, slammed and tossed. Sometimes they like to put it in the mouth. He also studied two related objects such as cups and lids or bottle and lid. Teach and give him the spirit to open and close properly.

Your baby’s also getting attention on what you are doing. Try to write or draw, even household chores everyday in front of him to get his attention.
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