Age Teenagers, Not Time to Diet Guide

THE youth is a period of growth so that your metabolism is still volatile. Therefore, excess body weight remains is not recommended because of the impact that diet is not good for the survival of the body.

Excessive dieting is a very bad way to lose weight in the long term. While in his teens weight gain deemed reasonable, but no less than they ‘insist’ on a diet.

Although the amount of weight lost tends impressive, but the fact that fat is reduced by half. Therefore, if your teen still want to go on a diet, then Lead him toward the healthy diet.

According to the Family Health Guide, written by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, eat less by reducing excess calories is actually a low-level hunger that puts the body in a state of hibernation stage. This condition is to stop burning energy to save energy and survive.

Your child will feel hungry, tired, irritable, and tend to overeat that will make your child more suffering, especially because his weight back to its previous size.

Therefore, excessive dieting does not in the retraining eating habits. If, you want to lose weight, then encourage your child to change the whole style of eating and adjust their daily activities.