Breakthrough Technology Latest Language Translation

In the field of information technology, the most important topic – but also one of the most difficult for computers – is the human voice.
Around the 70s, the human voice recognition technology using statistical models of thousands of samples of human voice and in a variety of languages​​. Combined with the still poorly growing computer hardware capabilities, this technology is still far from perfect.

In 2010, 40 years after that, Microsoft launch the voice recognition research using a new approach. This time, a new branch of science that neural network is used to solve this problem. By using a model of how the human brain works and combined with the capabilities of computer technology has meraksasa (big data), the latest technology is capable of reducing the error s / d 30%.

If the first 4 words for each error will occur 1 time, then with the latest technology to achieve the first time the possibility of error for each of 7 words. Not perfect of course. But significant progress occurred. With relatively low error rate, then the human voice recognition technology which is then combined with the technology capable of translating shocked the public. Because it allows people to speak in their native language which directly translated to another language in real time.

Barriers to language already appears to be solved with this technology. We do not need to learn a foreign language and a variety of business-related foreign language course soon experience a period senjanya.

Latest Material Technology : The Exotic Metamaterial

Metamaterials reveals some of the most interesting properties ever seen in the material and will have the potential to change the industry in a fundamental way . Applications can be very wide ranging from science , information and communication technology , and even the arts .
Metamaterials are artificial materials engineered human technology that has a geometric structure built of materials that can be engineered microscopic . The aim is that the new material can redirect light , sound , and ( another wave ) in a meaningful manner .

Invisible metamaterial
An expert can use the geometry of the material , the size and composition of the material structure to create different effects from the original . One classic example is the use of copper coil array for invisibility cloak on 2D objects so that when illuminated with certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves , such as Duke University in 2006 , the object will be able to disappear from human sight .
The problem with the Duke University in 2006 is that it only works for 2D objects in a single frequency and microwave .
If we want to create something that is invisible to the eye , we need to make it work:
1 . in the visible spectrum ,
2 . in broadband visible light ,
3 . for 3D objects
And in 2012 , has now been able to create a technologist microwave cloak to form the basis of a 3D object . The experts have also been able to make it work on broadband ( ie not just a single frequency but at different frequencies ) . Currently also being tested first metamaterial that will be operating in the visible light spectrum using 15 to 35 nanometers thick layers of silver and hydrogen silsesquioxane (a type of glass ) .
It takes maybe 5 years before we can achieve broadband characteristics , 3D , visual spectrum of the metamaterial that will be used in the normal objects and the human eye . And then 5 more years to figure out how to scale manufacturing to large -scale objects . One idea is to use bio- technology to produce synthetic bacterium capable of printing nanometer coating to the surface of the material to provide scalable and low permeability .

Wave metamaterial for Other Types
Metamaterials derive their exotic nature by interacting with waves in a special way . Apparently, you can also apply the same concept to other types of waves using metamaterials .
You can make a cloak for : radar ( radio waves only ) , acoustic ( hide you from Sonar ) , seismic waves ( which will help you block / drain earthquake waves that enter the building ) .
Most eventually , the metamaterial allows us to hide the object of the most recognizable form of the possibility of a military attack to defense ( hiding the strategic objects and others ) . Nevertheless metamaterial invisibility is not just about the visual – make your building “invisible ” , but also for the seismic wave in order to enter the building design standards in 10 years . Cloaking your wifi / cell network from interference from other networks can improve network bandwidth and reducing latency . Partly also to the cloaking surface of your monitor to reduce eye strain and remove the reflection .

Metamaterial for Super Lens
This is where that would be really interesting , metamaterials can also produce many effects outside the cloaking effect . Depending on , the size of the geometry settings , and the materials used , it is possible to create a super lens that allows us to go beyond the diffraction limit of the normal lens .
Most minimal : make smaller chips through the lens of a high -resolution , super microscope , and mobile phone or camera lenses better . Wireless power transfer is more focused , better satellite imagery , more efficient solar cells , lasers are more focused and are still open to other tools that have lens .
But for the present , super lens technology is still limited to one frequency and not to the visible light spectrum but this proposal has been opened . The next super lens can be applied also to other types of waves , acoustic , seismic and magnetic microphones are very sensitive as well as safe for mobile devices .

Metamaterial for field mechanics
Refractive index metamaterial can reverse light ( illustrations ) , but the latest technology has also revealed that the metamaterial can also be used to reverse the properties of the material outside the optical field ( mechanical characters ) .
For example , when the metamaterial we tap into a piece of elastic foam or bubble , normally , would be flexed into the foam . But the metamaterial , we can make the foam poking outwards towards the direction of the force coming / finger pressure against us ! So the mechanical properties are also inverted . This is a recent discovery made ​​in 2012 . Applications will be very broad include : technology sneakers / shoes are more comfortable , mobile phone casing better that do not break when you drop it , the more efficient wheels for cars and better body armor ( bulletproof armor probably stronger ) .

WIFI antenna the better .
Intellectual Ventures Nathan Myhrvold recently found metamaterials antenna , which will help increase the bandwidth of your Internet connection . Each element of metamaterial antenna can be tuned to direct the radio waves . Likewise , this means a better phone because it saves energy . And on the mobile operator ‘s data transceiving means making more power efficient .

Flips Directions Time
One wild theory is also growing due to the presence of the metamaterial is a process to reverse the direction of time . The point ? As we know , if you drop your phone and then broke apart , little you can do . But with metamaterial , an object can be installed kind blueprint components ( or some sort of technical DNA ) . This allows your phone to reconstruct the original state . Not to re-assemble the components , but the reverse characteristics of the material at the microscopic level .

Important Pillars of Chrome OS

In the framework for building Google Chrome OS, there are two new technologies that have not been applied before, namely:
1. Native Client
This technology allows the web browser to accept binary files that can be executed directly by the operating system. If during the web application is still primarily controlled by Javascript, and Javascript are always slower than binary programs such as Microsoft Office, then with the latest technology, the web application Google published Google Docs will be executed as fast as its competitors.
The problem is, this technique should be very careful to apply because it allows the operating system to execute meaningful programs as well as program execution opportunities unwanted viruses alias et al. Therefore the first choice method of sandboxing technology is that the programs remain separate from the client operating system.

2. O3D
The second technology allows web browsers to access the graphics card on the client computer to a web application to display high-resolution graphics as well as desktop applications. During this time the web application is still limited access to the graphics card via plugins such as Adobe Flash plugin etc.. With O3D technology, it is possible to play 3D games such heavyweights Arena etc. directly from a web browser.

Taking aim at the computing power of the client computer to the web application can run faster and on par with desktop applications. By registering as a patent, Google’s secure technology from other vendors covered claims. And make Chrome OS a status remains Open Source Open Source.

Use of Bacteria to Store Data

E. coli bacteria has been known since long ago as the cause of death of millions of people in the history of human civilization due to outbreaks of diarrhea and vomiting that they caused . But recently a team of student researchers from the Chinese University in Hong Kong have found other facts of this bacterium , which can be used as a tool to store data information .

The research team managed to find a way to encrypt and store data -kan in E. coli DNA . One gram of bacteria can store up to 4.502 million Gigabyte information in their DNA .

BioStorage , which means the storage of data in living things , is actually not something new , because it has been known since about ten years ago . But the efforts of the experts lately more and expand the possible uses of this BioStorage . For example a team of researchers from Japan about 3 years ago managed – encode it relativity Einstein’s equations into bacterial DNA . It is proved that humans could use bacteria as a data storage medium that is efficient, given the relatively very easy for bacteria bred . In addition , it is known that some bacteria were able to survive in extreme conditions .

Meanwhile , a team of researchers from Hong Kong was able to prove that the type of data that is stored not only in the form of text data , but even images , music , and videos can be stored either in DNA bakteri.Tim these researchers managed to put together equipment that can compress data and then store it in a number of cells and mapping the position of the data in the cells used , so it can be used when needed . Furthermore , they even have developed a three-tier security system for such data to prevent ” hackers ” disrupt the system .

This hongkong student team is working to develop their technique to encode extra information of an organism that can genetically modify a plant and draw up a sort of ” Bio Barcode ” to identify these plants are expected later can be used to track and control the spread of plant – these plants .

Similar discoveries Planet Earth

A number of astronomers from the University of Hertfordshire, led by Mikko Tuomy managed to find a planet that may have Earth-like conditions, which also means there may be life on the planet (exoplanet).

The findings were obtained after Mikko and the members of the research team conducted more than 6,000 times the observations towards the star Tau Ceti. By using the analysis method called the Bayesian Analysis Methods, they came to the conclusion that the star Tau Ceti has 5 planets orbiting around the star at a distance closer than the distance of the Sun to the orbit of Mars.

Selection of Tau Ceti star as the team’s observations focus of the project Ozma started in 1960 that aims to seek the possibility of life beyond Earth. Tau Ceti star when it was chosen because it has the power beam that is similar to the power of the sun rays.

Star Tau Ceti is the nearest star to the Sun diurutan twentieth, a distance of approximately 11.9 light years from the Sun. Tau Ceti star belonging to the class of G, with a mass of 0.78 solar masses, and approximately half the luminosity of the Sun. The estimated age of a billion years older than the Sun. And the condition is very stable, more stable than the Sun.

Competition China Versus U.S. Weapons

Only in the past few generations, the Bamboo Curtain has now been transformed from an agrarian country into a country with the largest industrial and commercial power is very strong . China ‘s economy is now 20 times larger than 20 years ago and are now beginning to approach the economic strength of the United States is the country with the strongest economy today .

But other things that also need attention besides incredible strength economies rapidly is the fact that the Chinese government is actively today are building their military strength .

Ten years ago, the budget allocated for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ( People’s Liberation Army ) is about 20 billion dollars . And this time , some analysts expect the military budget has almost reached 160 billion dollars .

Chinese President Hu Jintao stated that the People’s Liberation Army of China is the mission of the new historic 21st century . Of the task of maintaining the sovereignty of China into the global magnitude that army can be a true superpower .

In several instances the presence of Chinese troops can indeed go hand in hand with the U.S. military as when China joined the anti-piracy patrols in the Somali sea .

But some analysts worry if one day the two forces met in a condition with beseberangan mutual goals . Then there would be very risky for both countries alike have the best military technology today.

U.S. government officials are not just worrying magnitude of China’s military budget , but also the fact that China’s military now has the capability of military technology which is almost equal to the United States .

For example , during the U.S. argue that the F – 22 and F – 35 aircraft is a fifth – generation fighter which only the United States alone ( both aircraft types is the aircraft that has the ability of anti tracked radar , capable machines and systems the greatest flight control , and has a dedicated network computer systems ) . However , in 2011 , when the U.S. defense secretary Robert Gates to visit China , Chinese President Hu Jin Tao greet with featured performances flight J – 20 fighter plane over the city of Cheng Du ( This is just one type of anti- radar aircraft that are not kept secret , how with the others ? ) .

China is also now actively developing drones ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) . Examples plane I Yilong ( Pterodactyl ) and BZK – 005 which both have the exact specifications of the Predator and Global Hawk belongs to the U.S. military . Before the two aircraft was introduced , China has also noted that the unmanned aircraft by the western dubbed as the Dark Sword . Dark Sword was first detected on the west side in 2006 ago and is expected to be able to travel without the crew away from the territory of China . And to support their fighter force , last summer the Chinese government has announced the construction of 11 new air bases along the coast of China .

In addition , if previously only the United States has the ability to send aircraft carrier full of combat-ready aircraft kesetiap corners of the earth , China is now known to have bought the aircraft carrier -sized belong to the former Soviet Union 65 thousand tons with a Travel Agent utilizing fake as corporate buyers. The aircraft carrier is now known to have been equipped with new weapons including machine and in this regard a number of surface-to- air missiles by the western dubbed Flying Leopard ( Lion Fly ) and automated air defense system . The aircraft carrier named Liao Ning is now capable of carrying 50 fighter jet unit Shen Yang J – 15 ‘Flying Shark ‘ ( Flying Shark ) . This fighter jet capable fighter jet comparable to the U.S. F- 18 .

And the development of technology for the Chinese Army , the Chinese government now also has a number of long-range missiles were coded DF – 21D . The missile can be launched from a special truck , so it can be mobilized quickly . West side called him as Carrier Killer .

In addition , in secret , China is preparing a number of known anti- detection radar destroyers , each measuring 8 thousand tons and the number of nuclear submarines and a number of ships launching amphibious vehicles .

The latest news said that China recently launched a new cruiser is 36 thousand tons named Bahai Sea Green Pearl is capable of transporting 2 thousand soldiers along with 300 combat vehicles . In China it is said that they are now ready to support the mission of the UN security forces even though they should be in the interior of Africa or South America .

Please note that until now , the military and government information systems United States and 80 % rely on GPS satellites .

Meanwhile , China is developing a number of known satellites are able to act as a micro- plane ‘ kamikaze ‘ so that they can shed any satellite that China is seen as a danger to himself by crashing the satellite into the opponent . Besides, the surface of the earth in China is developing a laser gun that can melt any satellites are considered as enemies that pass in the airspace of China .

Senior Colonel Yao Yun Zhu of the Chinese Academy of Military Science states that now the United States is not the only country with the power of a super power in space . China is preparing to ship more than 100 military and civilian satellites in this decade using spacecraft sending unmanned and reusable . The spacecraft was named Shen Long .

In the event of war ‘ Cyber ​​’ , China has also developed a system called informationized Warfare ( Armaments Information System ) . If the United States has a Cyber ​​Command , China is now number 130,000 personnel trained for war information systems .

Meanwhile , last week , the U.S. Navy has completed the placement test X – 47B aircraft aboard the Nimitz -class nuclear -powered aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman . X – 47B is an unmanned fighter jet aircraft ( Unmanned Combat Air System / UCAS ) Northrop Grumman made ​​in the United States .

The trial began on November 26, 2012. In this trial includes tests still take off and land on the aircraft carrier . This trial , among others, aims to do the testing procedures for the transport and placement of this particular aircraft on the aircraft carrier , tethering on the deck with the tractor transfer , the operator controls the direction of the position by using a pulley , and testing of digital systems in the engine area filled with electromagnetic waves .

Back to the discussion of military technology China and the United States , the two countries both have nuclear weapons . But both parties will be expected to not use it all because both sides are equally aware that the use of nuclear weapons is tantamount to suicide , given the effects of nuclear weapons is not only radiation but also destroy your opponent can hit yourself and other parties involved .

And until now, no single country in this world has enough readiness to face a nuclear war . Despite all the nuclear weapon states have also built bunkers to withstand , neither bunkers are guaranteed 100 % safe from radioactive radiation . And the bunkers will also not be able to accommodate all citizens owners of nuclear weapons .
Thus , it is a concern that the United States is a non- nuclear weapons – weapons the Chinese side .

It is currently the United States and China are bound in many trade and investment agreements . But as described earlier , there is always the possibility of the two parties may have opposing interests , and this is very risky though both the government stated that the disputes that may occur between the two countries will cause huge adverse effects for both parties so that they will always try to avoid direct confrontation .

Perhaps that’s why when several intelligence reports indicate that the Iranian spy plane RQ – 170 that crashed on the border of Iran recently turned out to be made in cooperation with a number of Chinese scientists , the U.S. government chose not to say much .

Indeed in many ways the United States need to be very careful in dealing with China . Because , in contrast to the former Soviet Union which is a combination of many communist countries are ‘ forced’ to unite in the Soviet Union consisted of many races and tribes so it is relatively easy to be divided . China since ancient times is a single country racially fairly homogeneous .

In addition , in the United States alone since the days of cowboys are a lot of people of Chinese descent are difficult to distinguish which Chinese descent where the Capitalist and Socialist . Unlike the Chinese State , where the presence of the white man is very easy on the mark .

Graphene battery

Graphene is the next exotic materials scientists have found a very interesting characteristics . Its thickness is only 1 atom and , like diamonds , are composed of the elements carbon ( C ) , but form a hexagon pattern in 2 dimensions .

At first , a Professor at the University of Manchester England named Prof . Andre Geim , a descendant of 1/16 Jewish – 15/16 German who was born in Russia , thinking to solve problems in a natural instability that graphene could be used for science . The year was 2002.
Then joined with a PhD student who was a descendant of Russia which has long been a British citizen named Kostya Novoselov to carry out intensive research . A scientist born in 1974 and was included in the list of 35 people under 35 years of innovative publications MIT in 2008 .

In the early stages of research , they both take the approach slab to polish graphite ( the material that we find everyday in ordinary pencil tip ) into slices as thin as possible . Then the results of the polished slices again , in the right direction , up to 1 nanometer thick layers produced . Research long and tiring , but the quality of the obtained graphene does not achieve the desired target . The wedge is unstable and 1 atom thick graphene layers are found in very small populations .

Finally a strange information obtained from a senior colleague named Oleg Novoselov Shklyarevskii were initially discovered by accident . Oleg Shklyarevskii said that an ordinary insulation attached to the surface of the graphite exfoliated and cleansed then able to produce graphene layers that are thinner than 1 nanometer .

Encouraged by this idea , a new approach is taken : from polishing , peeling reversed into graphite . And in 2003 , finally Novoselov managed to obtain one atom thick graphene layers of carbon that is 1/10 nanometer and the findings were published in 2004 .

The race to harness the potential of graphene , a carbon molecular variation harder than diamond , yet very versatile , and is the best conductor of electricity in the world is starting.

They both eventually awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010 . Even Sir earned from the queen of England . Novoselov is currently a Professor and has been leading the Graphene Institute , an institution that digerojok fund 500 Billion to explore the use of graphene , formed by the British government .

When a graphene sheet is tested all the physical and chemical characteristics are found :
1 . Graphene is stronger than diamond . When immersed in a liquid that can destroy a diamond , graphene remains.
2 . Electrons flow very well , even better than regular cable . Electricity flow velocity in graphene is almost as fast as light pouring in fiberoptic fibers .
3 . Graphene is very thin , measuring only 1 atom but the chain is stronger than other materials that are much thicker .
4 . Graphene sheet shaped like a rubber sheet .

Although early theories Graphene has been started since 1947 , but recently discovered a way to extract them in 2003 that : Pencil and tape .

So the discovery of graphene is still only once . Opportunities for its utilization is still wide open . The position of graphene in everyday life is practically equivalent to plastic : cheap because supply is abundant and easy to obtain , but once widespread utilization .

Following the use of graphene application :
a. Touch screen that can not be torn up for a phone that can be bent like a watch strap on your wrist ,
b . a revolution in medical diagnostics , drug delivery and bionic devices ,
c . protective coating for everything from food packaging as well as for wind turbines ,
d . a filter fresh water through desalination membranes are even able to filter radioactive waste ,
e . computer chip that is dramatically faster and of course broadband ,
f . solar panels that can be painted or sprayed onto any surface enough , and
g . recent discoveries about the revolutionary battery with a much higher capacity than the ones we use today , but with a very short charge time
– These are just some of the graphene revolution was initiated by researchers around the world .

Graphene has attracted a lot of investment of millions of dollars for its development . Not least the battery field . Graphene battery is actually a capacitor , or rather ultra capacitors . So it does not happen any chemical reaction during the operation . Electron only compressed course in it . And because it is made from the same material in pencil , then it is not harmful to the environment .

Then the rapid filling time has attracted worldwide attention . To the physical size of today’s mobile phone battery , battery sufficiently charged Graphene on voltage 4-5 volts for 80 seconds to complete . 1 minutes 20 seconds already full ! Amazing is not it ? But it seems , it still takes 5-10 years to see this graphene batteries available in the market , because the storage capacity is still 20 % achieved to date .