Not Just Vomiting Vomiting

Vomiting sometimes experienced by children with several causes, such as when eating foods that are not digested by him or any digestive disorder, which may be accompanied by diarrhea. If due to such things, not too difficult to overcome. Most important is providing adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

Vomiting under some circumstances this needs special attention and immediate treatment of a doctor. This situation may be a sign that indicates a more serious condition than just tract infections:

Projectile vomiting (radiating), especially in infants less than 3 months.
Vomiting that occurred back when given normal food.
vomiting that occurs after a head injury.
Vomiting that occurs after the baby is drinking the liquid electrolyte (Pedialit) within 24 hours.
Vomiting is accompanied by a fever of 38 degrees Celsius on rectal temperature measurements.
Vomiting greenish or yellowish because it mixes with bile.
Vomiting red (mixed with blood). Continue reading “Not Just Vomiting Vomiting”


Polio paralyzed

Viruses that enter and multiply in the small intestine, can enter the bloodstream and reach the central nervous system. Virus will damage motor nerves, the nerves that instruct the muscles to move. This nerve damage can not be recovered, resulting in muscles can not function again (permanent paralysis). More often experience muscle paralysis is muscle in the leg area, compared to muscles in the arm. This paralysis is also called acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). If paralysis persists, it can lead to paralysis of the two pairs of limbs (quadriplegia). In severe cases, the virus can invade the brain stem, causing breathing disorders and difficulty swallowing and speaking, which can end up with dead .

Although only one of the 200 people infected will suffer from paralysis. But some of these factors are known to increase the risk of an infected person to experience paralysis:

A person with body resistance is low for such in children
Those who had tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils glands) Continue reading “Polio”

EQ vs. IQ

EQ is not the opposite of IQ or cognitive abilities, but they interact dynamically at the conceptual level and in the real world. Ideally, a person can have advantages in both cognitive abilities and social and emotional skills as well.

The difference between IQ and EQ EQ is probably much less carry genetic factors, so that the role of parents and educators are very large in determining the child’s chance for success.

That’s why, at first the concept of emotional intelligence associated with implications for the way to educate the children, but then develops on its interests in the world of work and in human relationships and activities.

IQ, Specified Many Factors

Social scientists still argue about what is actually true that form a person’s IQ. But most professionals agree, that IQ can be measured by a standard intelligence test tools such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, which includes both verbal and nonverbal abilities, including memory, language, problem solving, conception, perception, information processing, and the ability of abstraction.
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Brain Food Good For Children

Level thinking skills of a child is generally influenced by the type of food consumed each day. Keep in mind, the food consumed will be influential in increasing the ability of the brain. Here are some foods that are known to increase the ability of a child’s brain:

A good bowl of cereal to start the day the little guy. But we should still be careful in selecting it because it is now quite a lot of cereal that contains about 50% sugar with a bit of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Eggs are rich in protein, zinc, vitamin A (for vision), vitamin D (for bone growth), vitamin E (to prevent disease), and vitamin B12 (to form red blood cells). Egg yolk contains lecithin is considered important as brain food, which is good for memory and concentration because it contains iron which is essential for brain function.

Kiwi fruit
Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C about two times higher than oranges and one kiwi will provide the daily requirement of vitamin C for adults. Vitamin C is important to absorb iron from the diet. Because vitamin C can not be stored in the body, then the kids need to eat foods rich in vitamin C to meet the daily needs.
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Children Fat? Not Necessarily Health

The high level of economic, cultural change, and the development of food technology is now delivered many generations of children are obese. Actually there is a medical reason why the child should not be too fat.

Obesity has become epidemic in the world today. Quite a lot of slimming centers that started popping up everywhere. Fat for some people it still holds a symbol of prosperity. Most of the parents, especially the mother, also want their children to be obese because it looks cute and plump. In the United States itself is now grappling with the children classified as obese, because the number had reached more than half the population of children there. Most of these children instead require consulting a doctor.

Likelihood of overweight in children allegedly due to excessive consumption of junk food. Menu junk food rich in fat, sugar, salt, and very high in calories. Tongue suspected child today is conditioned with a savory flavor, sweet, salty, spicy and versatile. That’s what led them to no longer liked the food in the home menu.

Diet without the supervision of a doctor is not recommended for children who are obese. In its infancy, the child’s body should not let lack of nutrients. Diet to lose weight is not the right thing because that is reduced in the menu is not just calories, but also all the nutrients they need for growth. In addition, drugs such consumed by adults with high blood fat are also not advisable given to children. Actually, by reducing the share menu or cholesterol fatty foods, coupled with regular exercise, is expected to lower blood fat levels in the body of the child.
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Little aids Task Completes His school

Children will be more successful in school when their parents are interested in helping children in completing their schoolwork. Parental interest in the child’s school assignment will be to make children feel happy and recognize the importance of school work. But how is the proper way to help children completing school assignments? Is the problem just working all the time a child says can not? Or is it the other way?

The steps that can be done is as follows!

Teachers are surrogate parents in the school. Therefore, talk to your child’s homeroom teacher or how should you help your children with their schoolwork.
Create an atmosphere at home that support children to do their schoolwork. Make sure the home study place have enough light. Provide a writing instrument which if required in the children’s learning.
Schedule a regular study time. There are kids who love to learn the afternoon, but there are also children who prefer to learn the evenings after dinner. Let the children choose for themselves the right time for him to learn during his time option is still within reasonable limits. Continue reading “Little aids Task Completes His school”

Not Just Playing hide and seek fun

Baby was a few months was able to predict whether a ball that fell in the back seat will not be gone forever, just out of view. According to a study conducted by a team from New York University.

We may look down upon the game of hide and seek is done by children. Some parents even feel tired or upset when the child starts the game favors.

The researchers decided to find out when and how the child knows that the ball is rolling and disappeared behind something just like a game of hide and seek and the ball will appear from the other side.

It’s amazing to know that the baby was able to learn? Only? with just a look. The results of this study have been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Each four-month-old baby sitting on the lap of her parents and look to the computer monitor screen. On the screen showing a picture of a ball moving. Then monitored the baby’s eyes with a special camera. Continue reading “Not Just Playing hide and seek fun”

Preparing the Milk Bottle

Because of an thing, mother which not can provide milk directly on the small with a forced must be replacing breast milk with small milk. Or enter the breast milk that has been squeezed into a bottle of milk. What which must be observed when give milk bottle on the little guy?

Remove the bottle from the refrigerator and turn the dot towards the top. Thaw milk by soaking it in hot water.
Do not use a microwave oven for this purpose, because the milk can be too hot even though the bottle is still cold outside.
Check the flow of milk which exit: must 2-3 drops of per seconds. Hole dot which are too small will be complicate baby suck, while if too big can cause the baby choking.
If the dot is not good, replace the dot other sterile and check the flow of milk first.
Examine temperature / water temperature milk with shed a some drops of milk on wrist you – milk have to feels warm lukewarm.
Just turn the ring bottle such a way as order for the air can be enter into inside bottle, in order that facilitate baby is you sucking milk with smoothly.

Things You Need To Look For Parents

There are times when the mother wanted the child as early as possible to have the ability to look beyond her years that great compared to his peers. This is fine, as long as the child is stimulated his intelligence by considering the following five aspects:

Almost the entire time the child is used to sleeping and playing. So if you want to teach her something, make the learning activities as part of the play.
Every child at this age have the urge exploration (to investigate), examine, try, look for new things, learn to use the tools of his senses and satisfy his curiosity, which is very large. But because of the development of a sense of ego that also is on the rise, often the urge is gone just because he felt cornered. For example being forced, criticized, or punished. Therefore Stimulate interest in any positive way.
However the end result “tasks” that you give her, should be accepted with a sense of joy and pride. Praise him and give him gifts. Remember, gifts do not always have to be goods, but rather a gentle pat on the head, smears love and warm hugs, also very important to her.
The process of learning for children of this age must take place in an atmosphere of joy and always tailored to the age and ability. Because the ultimate goal of all the activities that you give her is to make children feel happy.
Answering questions is also a learning process children are essentially the same as stimulating children’s intelligence. No matter how busy you are, take the time to answer every child’s curiosity. Less wise if you wait until the “schedule” programmed learning you arrive. Continue reading “Things You Need To Look For Parents”

Home Organizing Tips to Show Your Personality

Houses can describe the personality of its owner. But showing the personal side of the house through the arrangement also requires several steps.

If you want the guests who come to instantly recognize your personality, the way is not difficult. Simply show a part of yourself with the simple details in the room. Still confused how? These tips, as quoted from She Knows.

1. Words, Numbers & Letters
If you want the house show your personal style, then spell the words. Use words and letters as works of art, decoration or accessory in the home. You can use the printed sheets monogrammed with the initial letters of your name. Select also a towel or mug pictorial initial letters of a name with a large font size. You can put it in the dish rack, or as a display cabinet.
It could also make beautiful art with writing the lyrics of your favorite song on the ceramic or paper, framed and display in the living room or bedroom. Like the quote from the artist or idol? Why do not you write on vinyl and paste it on the wall. In this way, the guests who come to the house so instantly know your preferences.
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