Nutlings Noble, New Racing Game for iOS

For all platforms, the game has always been a favorite theme of racing. Having its own fanatical fans because the gameplay is quite interesting and quick to complete. However, if you’re bored with racing game which always displays sophisticated vehicles and fast, you can try out the latest games Boomlagoon work. This game is titled Noble Nutlings.

So what game? In short, you will be driving a vehicle that was boarded by three squirrel tails. The goal is to bring the vehicle to a finish line as fast as possible. In addition to reaching the finish line, you can also collect acorns available. The more seeds you collect, the more coins you get.

What makes this game interesting to play is the difficulty in driving a used vehicle. Not as easy as stepping on the brake and the gas pedal, you also have to balance the vehicle when he met with a road uphill or downhill.

In addition to the face of a fairly steep road, vehicle balance is also very useful when avoiding obstacles, grabbing acorns, to crush a pink monster that will give you a lot of coins.
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Exciting Adventures in Video Game Beastie Bay

After successfully issued the previous Kairosoft games Sushi Spinnery and Kairobotika some time ago, mobile game developers are now re-launched its newest game, beastie Bay. Almost the same with other simulation games, this game invite you to build an unknown island with your pet.

The game begins when a young boy with a pet dog, stranded on an island unknown location. You, who plays the character of a man who was stranded was eventually decided to build the island is completely uninhabited.

The main idea of ??the Beastie Bay is bringing you into a mix of town simulation games and pet simulation or pokemon. Where in town simulation, you are required to develop the island you inhabit and explore the surrounding islands. While the game pokemon, you can complain pet, pet capture and even give weapons to pet them.

If in the view of the town simulation, this game is quite interesting. You are in demand to build houses, so people want to live on your island. Not only that, you also have to build wells, farms, up to the pier for tourists interested in visiting your island.
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Aircraft Simulation Game Best Android

Aircraft Simulation Game Best AndroidNot only pilots have important role at the airport, but also an ATC. ATC Air Traffic Controller or an air traffic controller whose primary task to prevent the plane too close to each other and avoid collisions (making separation).

For those of you who want to try to become an ATC, can try some of the following Android games.

Air Control Lite

The first game that you can play is the Air Traffic Controller. Your role here is to ensure the state of the airport and its surroundings safe, making it easier for a flight or landing aircraft.

This game also has a few unique elements of puzzle games for the airport trajectory shape is diverse forms so your job to steer the aircraft properly and avoid collisions will be more difficult.
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Duxter, Social Media Special Hardcore Gamer

There are so many social networks that have sprung up in recent years. Call it the Facebook which is where people around the world socialize, or LinkedIn which is a gathering place for professional workers.

And now comes Duxter (startup), the work of Adam Lieb. Washington University graduate student wanted to make this new company as a gathering place for addicts and games enthusiasts around the world.

It also has a lot of similar social networking site focused on games, but Lieb said that social networking is only focusing on specific aspects of the experience of enjoying games. For example, as the place to share your Raptr game statistics and achievements in playing games.

Unlike the case with Duxter, because in addition to incorporating elements of playing the recording of achievement, it will also support a number of features to interact socially. Yes, the main purpose Lieb did want to make it a platform for all those who love the world of games and also of course love to interact socially on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Continue reading “Duxter, Social Media Special Hardcore Gamer”

Being Real In Game Hunters ‘Crysis 3’

Fantastic, that’s the right expression when playing the latest game made by EA (Electronic Arts), Crysis 3. If you are true gamers, certainly do not want to miss the game on this one. How could I not? With stunning visuals and adventurous hunt a challenge in this game.

Incredible experience you can find when you start hunting with a variety of interesting weapons, one of which is capable of destroying electronic arrows and kill the enemy. This game First Person Shooter genre, or commonly abbreviated as FPS.

Crytek developed game design, the direct use CryEngine 3, so that the display image to be refined, as well as the movement of players. Lighting effects used this time is better than the previous game, Crysis 2. Actually, this game is not too much different from its predecessor, only in Crysis 3 more show new challenges, and new weapons. it is able to add new nuances in the hunt in the woods Arizona.
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Final Fantasy Game Developer Release Latest

After successfully issued a Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts a hard sell in the market, Square Enix is ??one of the world’s best game developers released the newest RPG, Chaos Rings.

This game tells the story of the Master Warrior who suddenly sent into a very foreign and forced to compete in a fight to the death contest. This contest is made by a mysterious creature that calls itself the Ark Arena.

Rules of the contest is very simple. Two Master Warrior must form a team to fight with. If they lose, refuse to fight, or trying to escape from the place, the consequence is death.

If you can survive till the end, the winner will be rewarded with eternal life and eternal. You can play the four pairs of characters in this game, each pair has a different storyline. Means there are a total of eight playable characters and four different endings.

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Sperm Benefits for Women’s Health

If talking about sperm, surely the first comes to your mind is sex and babies. When in fact, there are many more benefits that owned the sperm, especially for women. From the results of research conducted by Johnson and Everitt, in his book entitled “Essential Reproduction”, revealed that semen or sperm proved to have a high nutrient content.

In fact, in a typical ejaculation, or the equivalent of one teaspoon of semen that already contains 150mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7 percent of the U.S. RDA of potassium, zinc and copper.

Curious what are the benefits of sperm, particularly for women’s health? Check out his review below, as summarized from many sources.

Author unhappy
Ever heard of the term “Make-up sex”? term is shown for a sexual relationship after a fight. Sometimes Make-up sex is often used as a weapon to defuse the argument, and lower emotional partner, especially for women. A study in New York proved that semen contains several hormones that affect mood is good for women.
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Air Battles in Video Game Sky Gamblers

You are tired of playing games that are always doing battle only on land? Want something different like doing battle in the air? That means you have to try this one game, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a combination of Flight Simulation and Arcade Flight. You can control the plane with unique control and complete enough to make this game look like a simulation, but also retains the element of “fun” in the existing flight combat.

Campaign mode that is quite varied. Starting from dog fights, bombing runs, urban attacks, canyon runs, ground strafes, and a combination of all of them. Here you can also give orders to subordinates who are controlled by AI, as they keep telling you, or tell them to attack the enemy there.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy can be considered complete. Almost every mission begins with your existing control plane to do a take off, and ended with a plane landing perfectly.

In addition to the single player campaign mode also offers a variety of different modes that you can play with AI, namely Survival, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Fag, Defend The Base, Free Flight to Last Man Standing. Continue reading “Air Battles in Video Game Sky Gamblers”

Dogs Battle Through Aircraft in Daredogs

Are you a big fan of game-themed battle in the air? If you want to feel different sensations in game play fighter, you can try out the latest games made from Bugbyte Productions, Daredogs.

In this game, you will play as Bravo, a dog fighting using warplanes to fight other dogs. This game’s story revolves around the adventures of Bravo who wants revenge on Rocco, a dog that had killed her father Bravo in a battle in the air. Since that competition occurs between Bravo and Rocco to outdo each other and become the strongest war pilot.

This game is very easy to play, because when you first play it, you will be given a tutorial on how to play, such as how to maneuver using the shuttle. This Controller use virtual controls can be mastered easily.

Can be found on the left of the device, joystick can be moved in different directions according to the direction of the plane to go. To the right of the device, there are two buttons. The first button is the button to fire the weapon. And the second is a special key possessed by each character in this game.

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Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8, Now Supports Multi-Core Processors

Microsoft officially announced the presence of their latest mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, which is also called Apollo. This OS will be found on devices that will be launched later this year. As for the Windows Phone users older, must be content with an upgrade path to Windows Phone 7.8.

So what are the advantages of Apollo? The first follows greatly affects the performance of a device: Windows Phone 8 now supports multi-core processors. Also in the display case, the devices will be able to use Apollo resolutions up to WXGA or 1280 × 768 pixels. Memory sector also received attention, with support for microSD external memory usage.

Microsoft also announced a digital wallet called Wallet. This technology will allow you to perform various transactions or store digital coupons and tickets, which combined NFC technology. Skip to the navigation, Nokia Maps will be found on all of the Windows Phone 8 because it is embedded in the operating system. It’s funny if we find Nokia Maps when using Huawei branded smartphones, HTC or Samsung? Good news, this map can still work when the phone is not connected to the Internet so you can still see a map or get navigation guidance in all circumstances. Continue reading “Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 8, Now Supports Multi-Core Processors”