Tabulet Presents 3 New Devices at Indonesian Cellular Show 2012

The New Three Musketeers from Tabulet

Tabulet re-enliven the exhibition Indonesia communications technology with the launch of their latest 3 device dubbed “The New Three Musketeers”. Local vendors who claim to have mastered 20% of the tablet market share in Indonesia is presented 2 tablet PC and a smartphone which all Android-based, ie Troy2, Beat2 and Tabulet Sparta.

Troy2 which uses Android 4.0 ICS is equipped with 3.5G features so that you can use to call or SMS. It has a pretty sleek design, the camera provides 2 Troy2 whom you are able to communicate via Skype video. Troy2 has increased in the sector that uses DDR3 memory plus 512MB of data storage capacity of 4GB. ARM Cortex A8 processor chips will deliver speeds between 1GHz to 1.2GHz. Meanwhile NEON technology will make various types of video files can be executed well, including blue-ray, without the need to install additional applications.

Meanwhile Beat2 has higher specifications with use of Arm Cortex A9 processor 2nd generation with OS Android 4.0 ICS. Its performance is still supported by 1GB of ROM and 512MB of DDR3 RAM and 4GB of storage space. HD screen resolution of 1024 × 600 which is used also coated with Anti-Glare so you can still clearly see the display on the screen even under direct sunlight. Mali 400 GPU chip mentioned is comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox video, making it perfect for playing games with high graphics. Beat2 also has infrared sensors so you can connect with a remote control is also available in the package.
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Cartoon character Garfield Present in Video Games

You know, a cat lazy and likes to eat very well with ‘co-star’ a dog named Oddie innocent?

Yes, the cat is Garfield. Although not one of the characters from animation companies such as Walt Disney and Warnes Bros., but the character Garfield created by Jim Davis many years ago was able to capture the attention of children and even adults around the world.

And now, not only popularity Garfield film world, but also penetrated into the gaming world, one of which is Garfield’s Diner. This game is very similar to the restaurant game Dinner Dash.

As a player, duty to serve the visitors who come in and make them feel at home by the services provided. You have to do it all quickly before your customers start one by one left the restaurant. Because of this game relies on the speed of the hand and also patience.

Although the restaurant is owned by Garfield, in fact the waitress in this game is a man named Jon. Jon you must move as quickly as possible in serving the customers. Customers will enter through the front door and will sit in the waiting room.

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Things are of bankruptcy

The drastic reduction in the economic system, the increase in health spending spending cuts and labor often leads many people choose bankruptcy.

There are several points you need to think about before, has declared personal bankruptcy. One important factor that you need to worry about is what bankruptcy chapter may be relevant. If and when you need to think of this chapter is the best choice for you A few key things that you should think about before going bankrupt, for example:

• Find a lawyer: This can be the first thing you need to do. While on rules, no need to want to use a legal title to file for bankruptcy, but it is a very complex area of law often changes. If you want to try yourself, you can not get it done properly, so it is easier to hire a lawyer. Make sure you know your business needs legal work these scenarios as well as sensitive to the event that makes you feel relaxed.
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HTC Desire C

Still from the event ICS 2012 Jakarta, I also had the opportunity to do a session at Hands-On Desire smartphone family that will be positioned for the middle market, namely Desire C.

In the video, you can hear a tone when I turn on the unit. After that, I went into the location-location of instruments such as buttons, ports, camera, speakers, audio beats up logo. The dimensions of this device weighs exactly 100g is 107.2 × 60.6 × 12.3mm, 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels.

Next, I went to the porch that gets a touch of the HTC Sense UI version 4.0, scroll through menus, and check availability features Face Unlock. Apparently no, because despite using OS Ice Cream Sandwich, Desire C is not accompanied by a front camera. Memory capacity is 4GB with 512MB RAM, support 600MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor speed.
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Bike With BMX Boy

Are you one of the extreme sports enthusiasts and action show like somersaults bicycle ? If true, then you should try one theme BMX game that can be played on Android devices. This game is titled BMX Boy.

Developed by Runner Games, BMX Boy a story about a boy who wants proficient in riding his BMX bike. Not just driving, he also wanted to be able to make movements that attractive when he jumps with his bike. Your task is to help the boy to ride a bike while passing through many obstacles to get to the destination.

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ZTE T82 Grand X LTE: Equipped With LTE Single-Chip

ZTE apparently did not want to fall behind in delivering advanced mobile devices are able to compete in international markets. In the event ComunicAsia 2012, the Chinese vendor announced the launch smartphones with the first single-chip LTE them, namely ZTE T82 Grand X LTE.

In smartphone designed without buttons, ZTE using chips made ​​by Qualcomm MSM8960 which is manufactured with 28nm technology. In the single-chip models are stored a processor speed 1.5 GHz dual core processor that promises faster performance thanks and more efficient energy consumption. As for the operating system, has adopted the Grand X LTE Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In the multimedia sector, ZTE embed an 8MP camera that can be used to record Full HD 1080p video. Not only is it a great rear camera, front camera ZTE T82 can also record 720p HD video! With LTE technology, you can download files at speeds up to 100Mbps. 1900mAh battery is expected to support various activities.
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Prediction Video Game Most in Year 2013

Many people who deem that 2013 is the beginning of a change, especially in the era of the development of the video game world. Opinion was necessarily based on the increasing number of video games that have the best quality, both in terms of storyline and gameplay. Call it video game Dishonored, Far Cry 3, or Sleeping Dogs which was touted as the best video game in 2012.

After officially changed Gregorian calendar, the hardcore gamers once again preparing to be satisfied by the arrival of the greatest game videos. Here are some video games that are predicted to win the hearts of the enthusiast video game in 2013, as released by ZoominGames.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is a character who has a very good popularity in the world of video games. In fact because it is very popular, the treasure seeker woman was appointed to the big screen, starring Angelina Jolie.

However, many people who had expressed disappointment at the video game series Tomb Raider. The storyline is considered to begin drab, known as one of the factors is the decline in popularity of video games. Since then, developer Square Enix attempted to revive the legendary characters of this one.

In an effort to restore the glory of Lara Croft, the developer decided to go back to the origins of the female version of Indiana Jones. The story begins with a young Lara Croft adventure that should save themselves from attack by criminals in the woods. When viewed from the display demo that circulated on YouTube, the video game deserves to be included to the list of “must buy”.

BioShock Infinite

Video game was originally planned to be released in 2012 ago. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles in the release that ultimately delay the presence of Bioshock Infinite. But the facts just do not seem to make the hardcore gamers feel so disappointed.

By carrying out the action-adventure genre-first-person-shooter, BioShock Infinite still promises an extraordinary experience for video game players. Takes place in the future world where, precisely in a city that floats in the air, we will be required to always be ready to face a variety of action-packed challenges that exist in plain sight.

Watch Dogs

City of Chicago of the future has become a place that has been controlled by the computer. But can you imagine how bad the state of the city, supposing there is a secret agent or assassin who also doubles as a hacker, hacking action with systems that have been scattered throughout the city?

Broadly speaking, Watch Dogs is an action video that will take you to actually interact in it. Reinforced by a graphical display is extraordinary, Ubisoft video game development outcome of this one, believed to be able to take care of the hardcore gamer.

The Last of Us

By just looking at the trailer, maybe you’ll be instantly reminded of a movie called “I am Legend”. Because video game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment shares the same theme, the post-apocalypse world.

If we look from the gameplay demo, The Last of Us tells the story of father and son adventure trying to save themselves from attacks by criminals and strange creatures. By promoting high intensity of suspense stories, video game as one of the “major players” in 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5

No one can beat Grand Theft Auto (GTA) when we talk about video game-themed action. This is due to the legendary status that has carried the GTA since some time ago.

Besides being known as one of the video games that provide the freedom for us to explore the city, the GTA is also known as one of the game which is full of interesting features. As a result, we will be immersed in the world of GTA. By incorporating a few new characters, and do not forget to also insert some old faces, GTA 5 believed to be one of the best-selling video game in 2013.

Review: ZA987 OneScribe Zyrex

Original computer manufacturers Indonesia, Zyrex, giving special opportunity to be the first media YANGCANGGIH.COM to review their latest Android smartphone, Zyrex OneScribe ZA987. Android smartphone plan with a 5-inch screen will begin shipping in early July. Is the market will give a positive response? Before suppose further, let us refer to the following review.


When visited by a team from Zyrex, we offer two colors that can be selected to be tested, black and white. Two more colors caught my attention though, black is also not bad: as the face of OneScribe ZA987 design is similar to the Samsung GALAXY Note that carried the 5.3 inch screen.

As a local vendor, “inspired” by the international product like this is fine, but with conditions: not 100% plagiarized in terms of design and quality should be comparable. And it seems, Zyrex able to meet them. First in terms of design. In the next section, we’ll find the camera lens and a light sensor Note elongated on the right earpiece. Meanwhile in ZA987 OneScribe there are 3 instruments can be found: camera lens, LED indicator lights (both are round) and light sensors are a bit oval. Continue reading “Review: ZA987 OneScribe Zyrex”

Best Football Video Game Present on Android

Nearly all people love football world, including Indonesia. Sports that one is very interesting to play and watch. If you want to try something new about football, can try some of the best soccer game that you can play on Android.

Real Soccer 2012

Real Soccer 2012 is a soccer game that promotes graphical displays are real, and that shows in greater detail the movement of real players. One of the interesting things of Real Soccer 2012 is you can go back to see replay game you have played before. Almost the same as watching a live game on television.

As explained earlier, the movement of each player Real Soccer 2012 is almost the same as the original players during a match, so you like being a player in the real world.
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HTC Desire V (GSM / GSM)

Many people love the idea of ​​merging 2 cards (or more) in one phone, what we call the “Dual / Triple / Quad ON”, but not the brand or the “class” of existing mobile phone. Yes, we know that most mobile phones with the option of more than one card is dominated by local brands, or lower middle class. Apparently, HTC sees opportunities by launching the HTC Desire V and VC that carries two cards GSM / GSM (Desire V) and CDMA / GSM (Desire VC). The two different serial devices that are virtually identical in terms of design and specifications in general.

Desire V has a 4-inch TFT WVGA resolution (480 × 800), with a single-core 1GHz processor, and has adopted the ICS Android 4.0. The interface is powered by HTC Sense version 4.0.3 so you will have a modern look typical HTC. For networking, the first SIM can be used to surf the Internet at speeds up to HSDPA, while the second SIM only a GPRS only. While the VC, you can simply surf with its CDMA cards are going to be bundled with the card smartfren.

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