The Obama administration focuses on medical malpractice

The Obama administration has asked people who have been subjected to improper medical care, report such cases of negligence. It is hoped that contribute information to be presented in a total of better health care for the nation.
The presidential campaign has just ended and the campaign period was heated as ever after many debates and a supposedly close race. While he was still in office, however, is that the Obama administration has pushed consumers and medical errors and unsafe practices of healthcare professionals such as doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and other reports necessary to provide treatment.

At this stage, in hospitals they support the idea, despite the fact that the plan could mean new relationships malpractice liability for hospitals and their staff, and heavy fines and penalties. “This is a great concept,” said Nancy E. Foster, vice-president of the American Hospital Association. “The idea is welcome.”

Obama’s plan aims to encourage patients to communicate with a new reporting system for consumers patient safety. According to the New York Times, the administration says it will use the information for health care in the nation.

The basic principle behind the amendment indicates that medical errors are often not reported. In fact, many patients are afraid to go against a company or person they think of the rich and powerful, like a doctor or a hospital. In addition, the Government believes that patients have valuable information that could expose the reasons for medical errors and mistakes, and can help eliminate problems in the health system and reduce the cost of medical malpractice. The information could reasons for the surgery drug mix-ups on the wrong body part, an overdose of radiation and many other problems, the devastating injury, infection, and tens of thousands of deaths each year, suspend driving.

The questionnaire collected by the government is asking patients to call the hospital, doctor and other health professionals involved in their medical care defective. The form also asks patients permission to use the information contained in the relevant actions of the medical staff, so they can learn from their mistakes and improve health care.

Currently, there is no mechanism for reporting medical errors. Consumers always an action to recover their losses, but the Obama administration is trying to take into account medical providers and contribute to the health system as a whole.