The development of 11 Months from the day to day

Crawling on all fours
Your child is starting to crawl and move forward with the help of hands and knees.

Sitting with steady
Now the baby has been able to sit firmly in a long time. Give it a preferred toy, then he will sit merrily playing with a relaxed attitude.

Walking with both hands held
When the child begins to walk and creep into furniture. When held both his hands, he will try to set foot although still undecided.

Eat drink alone
When the child is able to hold a cake or a piece of fruit and eat it. When continuously trained, he will also be able to drink the cup that can be held by both sides.

understand ban
Your child shows a certain attitude when you give him a ban, but a moment later would soon resume its activities again. He is still not able to remember it so you have to repeat it again.

Train your baby to:

Understanding the parts of his body and is able to demonstrate with his hands. For example, ask him, “Which eye?”
Understand simple instructions, such as “give mommy kisses”.
Practice fine motor skills by entering the small box into a bigger box or enter circular plastic ring into the hole.
Increase the vocabulary, by always talking to him, telling of new objects in the vicinity and the names of people who saw / dolls collection.
The more often you make your baby more intelligent.