The development marks Little Too Late

At this age, your baby starts to move to and fro endlessly. Love to do ? the goods or the new place and also the people in around . The child begins to recognize himself in the mirror and imitate the behavior of older children or parents. Been able to name people or objects, and simple words. Can follow or do something according to the instructions given by the parents.

At this time, parents can do several ways to improve your child:

Invite your child to play for learning objects or mention the name of the object parts.
Read to your child every day.
Play matching image or objects with the same color.
Talking with your child to improve his speech.
Encourage your child to discover new things and ‘explore’.
Encourage your child to walk around outside the home such as in parks, to add to his curiosity and discover new things.
Signs of child developmental delay according to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics):

Could not walk until the age of 18 months.
Can not speak at least 15 words when she was 18 months.
Can not make 2 simple sentences at the age of 2 years.
Can not imitate words or movements.
Can not follow simple instructions or instructions on when age was 2 years old.
Can not push wheeled toys when the child is age 2 years.
Do not know the function of the simple home appliances such as telephones, combs, spoons, forks and others.
Can not walk with the soles of its feet again after a few months to learn to walk.
The signs above are just a sign of the general alert of the possibility of developmental delay. Each child has its own developmental pace. Ceck doctor to be sure.