Spa with Seaweed to Remove Body Toxins

As we know, kelp or seaweed is often used as a food ingredient. Do not stop there, it turned out to marine plants can also be used as a beauty treatment.

One of the benefits of seaweed for beauty is as detoxification. Disposal process toxic seaweed may make the skin more moist, clean, shiny and healthy.

Want to try out the sensation of a seaweed body treatment? A unique spa called ‘Seaweed Detoxifying Balance’.

Care package of seaweed started with massages, scrubs and masks. First of all, customers are welcome to change into a kimono. Then, your feet soaked in warm water.

Thereafter, the treatment begins with a full body massage in the back and front. The muscles were rigid fixed by the therapist with a gentle massage, but for those who like a strong massage, you should not hesitate to ask to increase the power of massage therapy.

After a massage, body scrub with seaweed containing materials. Do not imagine the body would be typical fishy smell of seaweed. Not at all. Scrub ingredients had been mixed with other ingredients and aromatherapy, so it remains fragrant aroma scrub.

After scrubing process, followed by mask throughout the body. Body left in about 20 minutes, until the mask is dry. At that point, you can close your eyes to be more relaxed while waiting for the mask to dry.

Afterwards, you can rinse the body in the bathroom that has provided. Do not be afraid or uncomfortable going to meet a man, because men and women distinguished place.

Finally, the spa during 110 minutes was completed as well. The body is not only more relaxed, but the skin feels smoother, moist and shiny thanks to the nutrient content of seaweed.

At Allure Spa treatments are also others who are also a favorite. Is a Spa Body Glow. Care to make a clean and glowing skin is to use a scrub of mineral salts.

Mineral salts able to lift dirt to the fullest, improving blood circulation and also remove toxins. Prior to scrub with salt, first body massage for an hour. Total treatment about 90 minutes.