Smart Select Type Dog As Pets

You are interested in having a pet dog? Before determining the type of dog, many things must be considered and taken into account. Make careful planning when buying a dog.

Do not let you bring home a puppy that small and friendly but once you are planning to buy a big guard dog houses and aggressive. And the average age of dogs between 12-15 years requiring long-term commitment.

Some things should be taken into consider in choosing a pet dog types are:

Adjust the size of the dog with a home

Note the size of your home in choosing the type of dog that will be maintained. If the house is large enough and the yard no problem selecting a large dog because dogs need enough room to move around.

But if you do not have a large house but still want to maintain a large breed dog, you have to sacrifice time and energy for your big dog walk outside the house.

Size dogs divided into sections corresponding body weight (BW) were measured at the time the dog reaches the end point of growth or when she was an adult: Toy (1-10 kg), medium (10-25 kg), Large (25-50 kg) and Giant (50-75 kg).


Consider and prepare a meal costs such as maintenance costs and maintenance costs. The larger the dog, the more the number of dog food is consumed.


Type of dog fur is very diverse but we will discuss here is the long hair and short hair. Sometimes we are happy to see a long-haired dog because it is more beautiful and luxurious.

If you have enough time to spare, there is no harm in choosing a long haired dog should be given extra attention because of the fur. You must have the time to comb and clean the feathers.

Background dog

If you buy from a pet shop, ask first letter or certificate caption. If no, you can consult to get information. You can also get a dog from people they already know well.

This way is better, because you know more clearly how the health, care and authenticity. If you choose a baby dog, then you should find out the background of the parent, whether having certain abnormalities or health problems. The puppy will lose the properties, behavior, and health of the mother.

Males or females

Female dogs are usually easier to manage. While male dog more aggressive and active. Furthermore, male dogs usually have an adventurous spirit, so that if not addressed, could have been a dog is lost.

Therefore, if you want to put the dog in the house, choose a female dog. Whereas if you want to use as a guard dog, choose a male dog.

The nature and function

Each breed of dog has different properties and functions. Based on the function the dog is divided into several sections. Toy, usually measuring less than 10 kg, it’s just a friend to play it.

If used as a guard dog, only a dog alarm only. For example: Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Miniature pincher, Poodle, and others. Companion Dog, commonly referred to as the Family Dog, a dog in the medium-sized category and above.

Companion dog is not a vicious dog or look scary but must look calm and friendly. This breed is generally not biased serve as watchdogs for being too good and easy to make friends with foreigners as well as with the thief.

Examples: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel, Collie, and others. Guard Dog or a guard dog or a sinister-looking typically fierce. This breed is used to be a guard our property. These dogs have a trait that protects.

When properly trained, these dogs can be useful for us, but if we do not properly educate the dog will actually hurt us. For example: German Shepherd Dog (German Shepherd), Rottweiler, Doberman, American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), Boxer, and others.

Puppy or adult dog

A puppy is usually easier to train than an adult dog. However, you should be more patient to raise a puppy like raising a newborn child and a child.

While adult dogs more difficult to be educated and changed their behavior because it has a habit formed at the place he grew up before. However, if you choose the right adult dog, there are also advantages.

Adult dogs are usually already have enough knowledge to relate to other people and their surroundings. If you could provide more time with your pet dog, choose a puppy. Instead, choose an adult dog who has been educated if you are difficult to manage time.