Research: Women Spend Average 2 Year Her life to Clean House

How often do you clean your house every day? What are the parts of the house cleaned? Recent research suggests the average woman spends two years of his life to clean the house affairs.

According to a survey conducted a toilet freshener products in the UK, Bloo Flowers, the average woman spends 50 minutes to make sure their homes are clean and smell good every day. If calculated from the age of 18, meaning that women spend 324 hours or almost two weeks each year or if altogether two years and four months of his life.

The time spent to clean the house she can be exposed when the holiday like Eid and Christmas. 66% of respondents surveyed said they need an average of three hours, 28 minutes.

The survey was made by involving 2,000 women. 70% of women in the survey describe themselves as the kind of person who takes pride if the house is clean and fragrant. 86% of women also claim to be willing to spend more time to tidy and clean the house if there are guests who come.

Do not stop there, more than three quarters of respondents also still trying to clean up their homes quickly using a vacuum or a vacuum cleaner before the guests arrive. While 73% of women said they would clean toilets and showers so that when guests arrive, two area look clean. Of course the ladies ‘hobby clean’ This was disappointed when guests arrive unexpectedly and without invitation.

“Most of the mothers really care about the cleanliness of the house. They wanted the house as clean as possible and fragrant. Presence of invited guests were not able to make her panic,” said spokesman Boo Flowers, Ildiko Egresfalvi.

Who’s the most unexpected guests come to the house? Most of the women surveyed answered parents-in-law or husband. Not only the husband’s parents are to be the only party ‘not invited’, our parents and siblings as well be the answer to the respondents when asked to state who they did not expect a sudden.

From the research, the other interesting thing that was found was in the clean-up, women spent most of his time to the affairs of wash-wash. The time it takes is 33 minutes each week. For the sucking activity, wiping and sweeping the floor she spent one hour, 22 minutes every week.

For the business clean the bathroom, she spent one hour, four hours a week. And cleaning the toilets, the time it takes the mothers was 44 minutes each week.

Its not also forget the mothers in the affairs of this clean-up is wiping cabinets, tables, and drawers. Women spend 50 minutes a month to perform the activity. While for cleaning windows, the time required is 46 minutes each month.