Register a trademark in 5 easy steps

There are many small businesses that provide a brand that others want to sign up for the name or logo. However, many small business owners do not know where to start the registration of a mark. The 5 steps that any entrepreneur can follow to register a trademark.

1. Understand the process

The first step of your trademark is to understand what it means andldquo; register a trademark.andrdquo, to register your trademark, you must submit an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( often called the USPTO. This is the U.S. government agency that is responsible for issuing trademarks of the federal government. A brand is a registered trademark, once approved by the USPTO.

2. Conduct a trademark search

Before filing your trademark application with the USPTO, you should conduct a trademark search to ensure that no one else has registered a mark identical or similar. Search by brand, you clicking USPTO. When you arrive at the home page, select andldquo; Trademarksandrdquo in the menu on the left side, then select andldquo; Search TM database.andrdquo; Even if you do a trademark search yourself, I recommend you take mark a lawyer, do your research for you. The USPTO database can be extremely difficult to find if you are not experienced an asylum. Hitsandrdquo;; Even if you get your desired brand in the database and give andldquo, this does not mean that your brand is andldquo; freeandrdquo should be used.

3. Complete and file a trademark application

After determining that person has filed a trademark which is identical or similar to yours, you can ask your brand online to complete the USPTO. When you arrive at the home page, select andldquo; Trademarksandrdquo in the menu on the left side, then select andldquo; online file Forms.andrdquo, On the next page, select andldquo; New Application.andrdquo file, you can follow the instructions step by step to register online. Again, even if the trademark application online may well be (and it seems relatively easy), there are many technical and legal to carry concealed in the application. I recommend the establishment of an experienced trademark counsel to help you in preparing the application. The registration fee non-refundable trademark application will be $ 275 or $ 325. When you fill out the application incorrectly, your mark may be refused registration. In this case, you will be non-refundable registration fee lost and did not lose a priority on your trademarks of their respective owners Arkansas.

4. Monitor your application

Just because you file your application does not mean that you andldquo; haveandrdquo this brand. Analyzed the trade mark application is approved by a lawyer and the U.S. government. Issues are trademarks or lawyer review need clarification on your trade mark application, the prosecutor will issue a andldquo; Actionandrdquo office, apply to your image. Once a formal notification is issued, you must answer six months from the date of issue. If you do not respond, your application will be removed and you will have lost your registration fee and no priority based on the brand. Therefore, it is extremely important to the USPTO website every two months. Use your brand, make sure that you do not need to answer all the actions of the Office to submit

5. Final Registration

At about 8-12 months after first apply for your brand, and if the U.S. government approves your application for registration, you will receive a certificate of trademark registration in the mail from the Patent Office U.S. States and Trademark Office. This certificate of approval marks gives instructions on the requirements of your trademark registration active.

As you can see, the U.S. registration mark must be made by anyone, but it takes an experienced attorney to ensure your research and application are correct.