Rail Rush, Android Games Competitor Temple Run

Temple Run success obtained with the theme as an endless runner game, is now being followed by the developers who are starting to make similar games. The latest game is fairly interesting for you to play, Rail Rush.

In this game made by Miniclip, you will play as an explorer was entered into the earth through a mine. When running missions in this game, you will be playing four characters. Starting from the women, carpenters, and the characters are similar to the professor or the hunter. Your job here is to collect rocks and gold mines there.

There are several places that you should explore in this game, such as caves, waterfalls, cobwebs, dead city, and mushroom halls. Each of these levels, it will be filled with exciting obstacles.

How to play almost similar to Temple Run. To collect gold and stones is to the left, you simply press the tap in the direction of gold and the character will lengthen his hand in the direction of gold and stones earlier. To jump, you simply press the tap in the middle. And to move the path, you can simply shift the thumb to the next track.

The longer this game will be more difficult, because the speed of the train will be growing. In addition to the faster speed of the train, you are also challenged to move quickly when taking gold, stones, avoiding obstacles on the way and jumped to switch lanes. But do not worry, because you can equip trains with some of the tools that can improve the strength and speed of the train.

For looks alone, can be fairly good. Although the setting is in a cave, causing the light to be rather dark background. However, it was not difficult because the lighting system around the gaming area is bright enough to guide the . on game still applying animation.

Overall, Rail Rush is quite interesting to play. These things prove that Miniclip has successfully worked on this game, with the advantage on the chart and comfort in playing. For those of you who are interested and want to try this game can directly download it for free in the Android Store.